Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Busy little me!

I love having frozen meals in the freezer for those days that I know are going to be super busy and I just don't want crock pot dinner. But I was down to my very last beefy noodle casserole! What to do?

Spend 2 days cooking! I have stuff planned for tommorrow too....

Yesterday I made 18 garlic parmesan chicken breasts, frozen in their coating and individually wrapped so I pull out what I need in the morning, thaw them, and bake them.

Today I braved 3 batches of Orange Braised Chicken Thighs, 1 batch of crock pot Steak Dionne (marinade, veggies, and meat in the bag- thaw and stick in crockpot.) 18 Swiss Cheese and Ham Melts with mustards poppy seed sauce individually wrapped in foil ready to be baked for 20 minutes and served, and got done 1 batch of Spicy Peanut Chicken. With 2 more to go!

Tomorrow's list is a bunch of rice, to be frozen ready as a side, and frozen in a Green Chile and Cheesey Rice casserole.

Man, there are days when I love having a deep freezer! Because I have also 2 batches of pulled pork for a variety of sauces, 3 bags of cubed ham and 3 of sliced ham, and 2 bags of cooked red beans for chili. Whew!

Of course, my house is a train wreck again, so I had to stick some cleaning in there too today. Boy, did I need a nap, so when Daniel wouldn't go to sleep unless I laid down with him to nurse him, I took full advantage of that!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We actually didn't take any pictures this year, not even of the tree. We were tired! Even Christmas morning, because I was busy nursing Daniel while the kids emptied stockings and searched under the tree, and Mark stayed in bed for a bit longer to see if that would help his headache. It didn't, and he came in the living room for the tail end of the gift opening. Just in time to pop the casserole in the oven for me!

Tradition: every year we make a breakfast casserole for Christmas morning. One of those sit-in-the-fridge-overnight kinds, with bread and eggs and sausage and cheese. Yumm! I only make it once a year, and Mark has finally resigned his tastebuds to only getting it the one time. Turned out perfectly, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We were trying to keep it fairly small this year, with 4 kids to buy for. We ventured out on Black Friday so that we could score some awesome stuff for cheap, and it worked! Nathan got a scooter to keep up with Oren, and a neat farm-themed floor puzzle. Oren got some perler beads- those little beads that you lay on the pegboards and iron them so they stay together, and so science kits so he can grow germs and make fizzy stuff. William got a little scooter too- we had to get a pink one but Mark painted it blue for him. He did a proffesional job, because that is his job! William got a huge set of mega blocks, in the nice duplo size. And what to give Daniel? Rattles for when he can finally grip, clothes to grow into since I have no clue what has happened to all the 3-6 months stuff that should be in the box. They dissappeared! (I know you gave them back, Steph, so I think my house swallowed them up.) And a huge fisher price thing with balls that go down a twisty slide, things that move and make noise, lights that flash.... and I mean huge! Not sure where we are going to keep this thing!

Mark asked for a lego set, so Santa brought him a nice, manly Star Wars set. 600+ pieces ought to keep him busy for a while. :-) And one of those neat gadgets that is a set of pliers, screw drivers, files, etc. that folds up into a knife case thingy. That came with a nice pocket knife.

I had asked for one of those huge electric skillets so I could cook up 8 pancakes at once, or 4 pancakes and 5-6 eggs. But I got suprised too, what a sweetie! Plenty of chocolate in my stocking, along with 2 small boxes that contained some earings to match a necklace he had bought me when Daniel was born, and a pearl jewelry set. Nothing expensive or fancy, but thoughtful. He rememered my birth stone, my preference for gold and browns, and that I like my jewelry small. I think I'll keep him!

It may have something to do with the fact that he went to Rigby today though... Something extra special because he had to leave. :-) His brother in Boise asked for a ride home, and Mark pulled some strings so he could take him over there. They left early this morning, and are coming back home Sunday evening sometime. He hasn't seen his brother for 4 years, so this was a nice time for them to catch up. But we couldn't fit all of us in the van without some serious squishing, and I was just too tired to make the trip over, so the boys and I stayed here. This is less nail-biting than the last time he went there without me, I'm not hugely pregnant and dialated. :-) Doesn't mean I want to go to bed by myself though. I was tempted to lay Daniel down in the bed with me, even though he's been in his own crib all week (yay me!) so I wouldn't be alone.

Just had a thought. How I am supposed to nurse Daniel with all the other boys at church tomorrow? We won't all fit in the mother's lounge, there are lots of mommies whose babies are on a similar schedule and there isn't even room as it it. And sometimes the cover does no good because of how he want's to lay - he's kind of odd at times - so I may not be able to feed him on the cough. Hmmm... Maybe a back pew and just hope that he doesn't throw too big of a fit?

Monday, December 21, 2009

A little update

Let's see.... The principal talked to Oren's teacher who agreed that a move would be a good idea. They are hashing out where he may move to, and hopefully we'll implement that next semester.

William had a checkup on his fillings, and cooperated. I will actually get suprised for Christmas, because Mark too William shopping afterwards and got me something. Awwww!

I made a cake for a good friend's daughter. Sort of a Christmas-y Winter Wonderland castle thing. The camera's in the car and it's cold, or I'd post a picture. Look for me to update my cake blog with it soon.

I also made what was the best turkey at the ward Christmas dinner, or so I was told. It's amazing what a day of brining can do to a bird. Plus, mine didn't show up slightly undercooked or give anyone food poisoning. Don't know who brought that one, but I hope they don't feel bad. It happens! I didn't get to bring any of my salad home either.... Wish I had taken a picture.

Daniel has started sleeping through the night. Which, for my kids, is defined as a 5-6 hour stretch. Of course, he clusters either right before or right after the stretch, which is fun. All my kids have slept that stretch right around 2 months, so he's just like his brothers. And just like his brothers, I am expecting my milk supply to drop and so will be watching his weight, taking him in for a weight check in a couple weeks unless I feel like I need to have him checked earlier. We'll see.

And I managed to get a cold/cough thing for the 3rd time this year, and have nearly lost my voice again. Usually I only get this once a year. The kids think it's hilarious when Mommy tries to sing or coo at the baby. Who just looks at me and then cries lustily when I sneeze during a feeding and startle him. Oops!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Laughing!

Say "Cheese!"

I don't know if any of you remember William's cavities.... or that he had to go to a pediatric dentist in Boise and all that.... but good news! We got them all fixed!

He went and saw the new dentist at the end of October, and sure enough, wouldn't cooperate. So they had to schedule him for an operating room at the hospital, put him all the way under, get x-rays and do his fillings while he was asleep. We had to be super careful to brush his teeth before he went to bed and watch what he ate so the cavities wouldn't get any bigger, which was fun. They couldn't get him in until December 4th, and you'd think that would be plenty of time for insurance to approve the hospital part.

Our dental doesn't cover hospital stuff, and our medical doesn't cover anything dental, so the dental approved the x-rays and fillings - a big general approval since we didn't know exactly what he'd end up needing. That only took a couple of weeks to come through.

But the medical was a different story. They submitted a request for authorization for the anesthesia and operating room stuff. Usually our insurance gets back within days. This time it took over a month. The week prior, I checked back with the dentist, it still hadn't come through. We had William's physical exam that's required before they put a small child under. Still hadn't come through that Wednesday - his surgery was on Friday. Wonder of wonders, as I'm getting really nervous, I checked back Thursday, late morning, and there it was. Approved!!!! Cutting it a little close, but at least it went through!

Mark left early Friday morning with William, and they got home early afternoon. Turns out that the molars with cavities had more soft spots or something, because he has 3 silverish caps. 2 on bottom and 1 on top now. With additional white fillings and some sealants. Ouch! But it's all done now, and I think we will continue to bring him to that dentist even though it's quite the drive, in the hopes that William becomes more comfortable with opening wide. Poor kiddo, I'll have to ask what the caps are made of, for when his teeth fall out. Not cheap I'm sure, so I don't know what we'll do with them then! :-)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Photo Catchup!

So I'm finally getting a chunk of time to post pictures of the kiddos, because Daniel has been quite sleepy today. On the plus side, he's eaten every time he's woken up instead of just screaming at me, but then he falls right back to sleep. I'm in for it tonight!

We had Daniel blessed while in Rigby over the Thanksgiving weekend. Thank you Mom for making yet another cute outfit! It was the perfect size, and if we'd waited too much longer it wouldn't have fit him. :-) It would have been nice to have my family there, but we were able to have all of his uncles on Mark's side except one, his grandpa, some brethren that Mark has known his whole life, and my future brother-in-law stand with Mark, which was really awesome.

I just thought this was cute..... Deep in thought I guess!

Saturday we took the kids down to the base Kid's Christmas Party! 200 kids in 1 medium size hanger, with bouncy castles... games.... food.... and Santa Claus arriving in an F-15! It was loud to say the least, and we lost William at one point. That boy is fast! He really enjoyed the bouncy castles, of which there were 4 or 5.

Nathan and Oren braved one of the rides. This thing actually went pretty fast and the fish went up and down as they went around.

Then we ventured out and braved the mall, which was suprisingly not packed at 4pm on a Saturday before Christmas. At 6, Santa was scheduled to appear, so we passed the time until then after getting Mark a much needed new suit for 50% off. Oren and Nathan sat by Santa, but William didn't want to and Daniel was sleeping. I was supposed to stand in an akward corner to take my own if I didn't want to buy their outrageously priced packages, but I managed some good shots anyway.

And we kept the boys home today waiting to hear from the Pediatrics office if Oren had strep or not, and Nathan was coughing up a storm too. So we decorated the tree and enjoyed the first decent snow of the season. I may still tie on a bunch of red ribbons, but here she is!

We're cheating.... the tree isn't supposed to go up until after my birthday. But we wanted Mark to be home to help, so since we were all together this morning, we did it. We also did my birthday lunch and cake a day early so Mark could be here. Otherwise we'd be waiting until Saturday since he works evenings and I have a full evening lesson schedule with a recital coming up so I can't cancel lessons. Such a sweetie, he brought me flowers with my cake from the bakery! The boys helped me blow out all 28 candles, Mark is a stickler for having the right number of candles... no cheating. It was kind of fun having hoopla the day before, but hopefully the boys will behave really well as a gift for me tomorrow. :-)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


After lots of researching yesterday and today, I came to the conclusion that I may just end up being crazy until Daniel's done nursing. The bipolar meds may be okay to take, which will help. but ADHD is treated with stimulants. Which can cause irritability and poor sleep in infants through the breastmilk. I know he's sensitive to stimulants because when I have chocolate he is super cranky, gassy, and only catnaps because he cluster feeds. Chocolate has small amounts of caffeine, which is a stimulant. Ugh! I think the reason I was much calmer during pregnancy than I should have been is because of all the diet coke I drank. Stimulants work different for us because of the way our brains our wired, and it calms us instead of the other way around. Unless I imbibe a ton of it anyway.

So anyway, I'll just have to rely on my organisational skills that have been honed by lots of bouts of OCD over my lifetime. And plenty of calm classical music to help me relax. And a master to do list that I take stuff off of for my smaller lists so I don't get so overwhelmed.

On the plus side, I bought a new phone today. My screen shorted out last week on my cell phone. I can still dial on it and get calls, but I can't see anything on it. Not good! It only took me a week of serious research to decide which phone I wanted, and went for the unlocked version in case I want to change carriers when my contract is up in February. I got it on a great sale too, so it was over 50% off! YAY! I'm not sure how the whole touchscreen will work, but I'll just have to keep it away from the kids I guess. :-)