Monday, December 7, 2009

Photo Catchup!

So I'm finally getting a chunk of time to post pictures of the kiddos, because Daniel has been quite sleepy today. On the plus side, he's eaten every time he's woken up instead of just screaming at me, but then he falls right back to sleep. I'm in for it tonight!

We had Daniel blessed while in Rigby over the Thanksgiving weekend. Thank you Mom for making yet another cute outfit! It was the perfect size, and if we'd waited too much longer it wouldn't have fit him. :-) It would have been nice to have my family there, but we were able to have all of his uncles on Mark's side except one, his grandpa, some brethren that Mark has known his whole life, and my future brother-in-law stand with Mark, which was really awesome.

I just thought this was cute..... Deep in thought I guess!

Saturday we took the kids down to the base Kid's Christmas Party! 200 kids in 1 medium size hanger, with bouncy castles... games.... food.... and Santa Claus arriving in an F-15! It was loud to say the least, and we lost William at one point. That boy is fast! He really enjoyed the bouncy castles, of which there were 4 or 5.

Nathan and Oren braved one of the rides. This thing actually went pretty fast and the fish went up and down as they went around.

Then we ventured out and braved the mall, which was suprisingly not packed at 4pm on a Saturday before Christmas. At 6, Santa was scheduled to appear, so we passed the time until then after getting Mark a much needed new suit for 50% off. Oren and Nathan sat by Santa, but William didn't want to and Daniel was sleeping. I was supposed to stand in an akward corner to take my own if I didn't want to buy their outrageously priced packages, but I managed some good shots anyway.

And we kept the boys home today waiting to hear from the Pediatrics office if Oren had strep or not, and Nathan was coughing up a storm too. So we decorated the tree and enjoyed the first decent snow of the season. I may still tie on a bunch of red ribbons, but here she is!

We're cheating.... the tree isn't supposed to go up until after my birthday. But we wanted Mark to be home to help, so since we were all together this morning, we did it. We also did my birthday lunch and cake a day early so Mark could be here. Otherwise we'd be waiting until Saturday since he works evenings and I have a full evening lesson schedule with a recital coming up so I can't cancel lessons. Such a sweetie, he brought me flowers with my cake from the bakery! The boys helped me blow out all 28 candles, Mark is a stickler for having the right number of candles... no cheating. It was kind of fun having hoopla the day before, but hopefully the boys will behave really well as a gift for me tomorrow. :-)

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Nicia said...

Fun fun fun! Glad you were able to venture out and have fun. Loved the pictures of little baby too!