Tuesday, December 1, 2009


After lots of researching yesterday and today, I came to the conclusion that I may just end up being crazy until Daniel's done nursing. The bipolar meds may be okay to take, which will help. but ADHD is treated with stimulants. Which can cause irritability and poor sleep in infants through the breastmilk. I know he's sensitive to stimulants because when I have chocolate he is super cranky, gassy, and only catnaps because he cluster feeds. Chocolate has small amounts of caffeine, which is a stimulant. Ugh! I think the reason I was much calmer during pregnancy than I should have been is because of all the diet coke I drank. Stimulants work different for us because of the way our brains our wired, and it calms us instead of the other way around. Unless I imbibe a ton of it anyway.

So anyway, I'll just have to rely on my organisational skills that have been honed by lots of bouts of OCD over my lifetime. And plenty of calm classical music to help me relax. And a master to do list that I take stuff off of for my smaller lists so I don't get so overwhelmed.

On the plus side, I bought a new phone today. My screen shorted out last week on my cell phone. I can still dial on it and get calls, but I can't see anything on it. Not good! It only took me a week of serious research to decide which phone I wanted, and went for the unlocked version in case I want to change carriers when my contract is up in February. I got it on a great sale too, so it was over 50% off! YAY! I'm not sure how the whole touchscreen will work, but I'll just have to keep it away from the kids I guess. :-)


Nicia said...

Sorry about the nursing thing, but yay on the phone thing! :)

Rachel H. said...

That has got to be SO frustrating! Here's to hoping that the man upstairs fills in where medicine can't right now. :) And hooray for a new phone! It's always fun to get a new toy!

Stephanie said...

Oh no! Well, like you said, at least you have a whole lifetime worth of practice dealing with the ADHD. I hope that everything works out okay.

Kevin said...

Diet Coke is my ADHD medicine of choice. Also, from what I can recall, I think that there is more in chocolate that causes problems with nursing babies than the caffeine.