Monday, December 21, 2009

A little update

Let's see.... The principal talked to Oren's teacher who agreed that a move would be a good idea. They are hashing out where he may move to, and hopefully we'll implement that next semester.

William had a checkup on his fillings, and cooperated. I will actually get suprised for Christmas, because Mark too William shopping afterwards and got me something. Awwww!

I made a cake for a good friend's daughter. Sort of a Christmas-y Winter Wonderland castle thing. The camera's in the car and it's cold, or I'd post a picture. Look for me to update my cake blog with it soon.

I also made what was the best turkey at the ward Christmas dinner, or so I was told. It's amazing what a day of brining can do to a bird. Plus, mine didn't show up slightly undercooked or give anyone food poisoning. Don't know who brought that one, but I hope they don't feel bad. It happens! I didn't get to bring any of my salad home either.... Wish I had taken a picture.

Daniel has started sleeping through the night. Which, for my kids, is defined as a 5-6 hour stretch. Of course, he clusters either right before or right after the stretch, which is fun. All my kids have slept that stretch right around 2 months, so he's just like his brothers. And just like his brothers, I am expecting my milk supply to drop and so will be watching his weight, taking him in for a weight check in a couple weeks unless I feel like I need to have him checked earlier. We'll see.

And I managed to get a cold/cough thing for the 3rd time this year, and have nearly lost my voice again. Usually I only get this once a year. The kids think it's hilarious when Mommy tries to sing or coo at the baby. Who just looks at me and then cries lustily when I sneeze during a feeding and startle him. Oops!

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Rachel H. said...

Sounds like lots of tidbits of good news, yummy food, and a get well wish is in order! Hope your holidays are really wonderful...I am sure your feast will be divine!