Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We actually didn't take any pictures this year, not even of the tree. We were tired! Even Christmas morning, because I was busy nursing Daniel while the kids emptied stockings and searched under the tree, and Mark stayed in bed for a bit longer to see if that would help his headache. It didn't, and he came in the living room for the tail end of the gift opening. Just in time to pop the casserole in the oven for me!

Tradition: every year we make a breakfast casserole for Christmas morning. One of those sit-in-the-fridge-overnight kinds, with bread and eggs and sausage and cheese. Yumm! I only make it once a year, and Mark has finally resigned his tastebuds to only getting it the one time. Turned out perfectly, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We were trying to keep it fairly small this year, with 4 kids to buy for. We ventured out on Black Friday so that we could score some awesome stuff for cheap, and it worked! Nathan got a scooter to keep up with Oren, and a neat farm-themed floor puzzle. Oren got some perler beads- those little beads that you lay on the pegboards and iron them so they stay together, and so science kits so he can grow germs and make fizzy stuff. William got a little scooter too- we had to get a pink one but Mark painted it blue for him. He did a proffesional job, because that is his job! William got a huge set of mega blocks, in the nice duplo size. And what to give Daniel? Rattles for when he can finally grip, clothes to grow into since I have no clue what has happened to all the 3-6 months stuff that should be in the box. They dissappeared! (I know you gave them back, Steph, so I think my house swallowed them up.) And a huge fisher price thing with balls that go down a twisty slide, things that move and make noise, lights that flash.... and I mean huge! Not sure where we are going to keep this thing!

Mark asked for a lego set, so Santa brought him a nice, manly Star Wars set. 600+ pieces ought to keep him busy for a while. :-) And one of those neat gadgets that is a set of pliers, screw drivers, files, etc. that folds up into a knife case thingy. That came with a nice pocket knife.

I had asked for one of those huge electric skillets so I could cook up 8 pancakes at once, or 4 pancakes and 5-6 eggs. But I got suprised too, what a sweetie! Plenty of chocolate in my stocking, along with 2 small boxes that contained some earings to match a necklace he had bought me when Daniel was born, and a pearl jewelry set. Nothing expensive or fancy, but thoughtful. He rememered my birth stone, my preference for gold and browns, and that I like my jewelry small. I think I'll keep him!

It may have something to do with the fact that he went to Rigby today though... Something extra special because he had to leave. :-) His brother in Boise asked for a ride home, and Mark pulled some strings so he could take him over there. They left early this morning, and are coming back home Sunday evening sometime. He hasn't seen his brother for 4 years, so this was a nice time for them to catch up. But we couldn't fit all of us in the van without some serious squishing, and I was just too tired to make the trip over, so the boys and I stayed here. This is less nail-biting than the last time he went there without me, I'm not hugely pregnant and dialated. :-) Doesn't mean I want to go to bed by myself though. I was tempted to lay Daniel down in the bed with me, even though he's been in his own crib all week (yay me!) so I wouldn't be alone.

Just had a thought. How I am supposed to nurse Daniel with all the other boys at church tomorrow? We won't all fit in the mother's lounge, there are lots of mommies whose babies are on a similar schedule and there isn't even room as it it. And sometimes the cover does no good because of how he want's to lay - he's kind of odd at times - so I may not be able to feed him on the cough. Hmmm... Maybe a back pew and just hope that he doesn't throw too big of a fit?

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Rachel H. said...

Isn't it funny how irregular Christmas becomes with kids. I realized after I posted my Christmas post that I forgot to write about Jenna waking up and throwing up, and then opening presents fine. We were sure worried, but it added a weird start to the day!

You're a nice wife for letting Mark go--it will be good for him, I am sure. And make you appreciate him all that much more! :) Let us know how you handled church today! :)