Sunday, December 30, 2007

What a month!

I am sadly inept at scheduling my time, apparently. There is plenty for the chasing of children, and housecleaning, but I forgot to update the blog. So to recap our month...

Week 1, Oren was moved to morning kindergarten because he doesn't deal well with substitute teachers, which is frequent in the afternoon group. He loves it. Nathan qualified for special services preschool and started attending full time in the mornings as well. He will be receiving additional speech therapy there and will hopefully start making more progress. I drive Oren to school and make it back on time to take Nathan to his school bus. This leaves me with only one child in the morning 4 days a week. Mommy loves those 2 hours every day, as does William. Time with just Mommy is hard to come by when there are three kids.

Week 2, my birthday! A local church had a "Santa's Day Out" daycare event that afternoon, so we took full advantage of that - 5 dollars a kid for up to 5 hours. Not bad. William hung out with us as he was too young, and Mark took me out for a nice little dinner, not puncuated by yelling, screaming, crawling under the table, "I gotta go potty!", throwing food... William behaved himself rather well, and I enjoyed getting to have real conversation with my husband. Oren and Nathan were served a pizza dinner, made crafts, and had pictures with Santa, so we all had a fun day. Then we went home and indulged in a triple chocolate truffle cake we picked up at Walmart on the way home. Mark insisted on all 26 candles. It melted my chocolate....

Week 3, the Christmas Crunch. It is at this point that we realized Christmas is looming, the quilts for the boys are not going to get finished. Mommy gave herself several migraines stressing over homemade thoughtful gifts, and Mark lovingly told her to just buy something instead. So, heeding his well meant and wise advice, I dropped the quilt projects, and bought a nice wooden train set that will last for many years to come. I even got it for about 1/2 off, even better. We finished shopping for each other, and picked up little stocking stuffers for the kids. The tree got put together and decorated. It was nice to have a tree that was taller than me this year. The cat tried to sleep in the tree, but after I yanked her out and smacked her rear she stayed out of it... I wish the kids learned as quickly. :-) Oren fell and landed on his arm, which broke up near the shoulder. They didn't have to set it and can't cast it, so since it a very stable buckle fracture he is in a sling for a few weeks. No easy task keeping a 5-year old in a sling and sitting still.

Week 4, We made it! Christmas morning started with a bang, literally. Nathan had the runs during the night, and presents had to wait until that was cleaned. The boys loved their train set. to quote Nathan, it was a "wonderful train present!" I put our traditional overnight breakfast casserole in the oven, I make it only once a year, and it has been that way since I can remember. Mark received a large showerhead, about 9 inches by 6 inches, since he complains the spray is too narrow. Also, Santa dropped off a nice watch that is full of gadgets to play with and a new razor so he stops stealing mine. What a thoughtful Santa Claus. Mark put forth much thought about what his stressed out wife needed and decided on a day at the spa, a massage/facial/manicure package. I am so excited and touched. We then packed up a couple of toys and clothes and headed to my parents for Christmas dinner. Owen and Stephanie were absent as Owen is on a mission, and Steph and family had gone to California to see Jeff's parents this year. But it was an enjoyable dinner for most, Grandma and Grandpa Danes came over with their dog Muffin, and Mom did an awesome job on the turkey. I was not feeling well, so did not really do justice to the food. I ended up sick the whole rest of the day and night with some sort of bug that I generously gave to Janelle. Mark had to go in to work the next morning, there was a mixup about which day he had off, so we were stranded in Caldwell while Mark went back home. Mom drove us home Wednesday night, thanks Mom, and picked up a couch I had bought for Steph to use when they got an apartment. It was nice to get that out of our house. Bargain couches for $20 don't often look that good. William ended up sick the rest of the week and Nathan has a weird rash on his face. We went to Boise for an Orthopedist appointment for Oren, his arm is healing nicely and should only have to be in the sling for another two weeks.

We are looking forward to our traditional velveeta sausage dip on New Year's Eve, and getting everyone back to our normal schedule in time for school to start again. Just another month in the life of a family with small children. I wonder what the new year will bring?

The boys talked Mark into making a huge tent in the living room. The mop in the middle was sheer genious!

William was being very quiet one afternoon. I couldn't find him but heard a noice from Oren's room. After calling his name, he pocked his head out of this large bucket and grinned from ear to ear. What a good hider...

Mark had loads of fun setting up the boys new train, probably as much fun as the boys would have the next morning playing with it.

"It's a wonderful train present!"