Sunday, September 18, 2011

Doop doop de boop...

Just in that kind of mood tonight.

So many different thoughts running through my head that I could write down. Like: how I hate the way my living room is set up and that I want to rearrange things but need to get caught up with laundry first; how my neighbor is sort of irritating how she keeps popping up in the evening wondering if I have leftovers from dinner because she blew her foodstamps on who knows what; how I'm debating getting Oren a pair of glasses out of pocket since he keeps breaking his and it takes 3 weeks to get new ones in through his insurance...

I could write about how I feel bad for not taking more pictures to post on here lately. Pictures of the bookshelf I made and still have taken yet. Pictures of the latest flavors of cupcakes I've done. Pictures of the boys who are growing up way too fast.

I could also write about how well the boys have done while running errands lately since it's just the 2 little ones at home with me. Or about how how much Oren has matured in helping me around the house. Or about Daniel and all the funny things he says now!

Maybe a good blog subject would be how the friends I have made here are doing wonders for my self esteem. The compliments I get when I make an effort to dress up and how it's inspiring Mark to notice too.

Well, what do you know? Looks like this post just wrote itself! :-)