Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Life has it's ups and downs...

Had a rough doctor appointment for Oren today. Making the decision to put a child on a strong medication like Zoloft is a hard thing to do. But based on how he has been reacting to the over-stimulus of crowded buses and hot classrooms, it was time for an adjustment. And it's the lesser of the evil medications for his age. While I personally know kids on more meds than he is, looking at his pill sorter made me a little teary this afternoon. We are also looking at speech therapy or a home worker to come in and help him learn to deal appropriately with things.

I guess it was a good appointment, because we were able to get a number of issues addressed and we have an action plan for how to proceed. But we were hoping to avoid that class of medication for a while longer. And as far as medication goes, I have been told that we are doing amazing at keeping his doses and variety at the minimum effective dose. That's hard work! We've taken things out of their diet, like artificial colors and high-fructose corn syrup, and make sure they eat a variety of nutritious fresh or homemade foods. We are careful about routines and sleep. We give advance notice if at all possible about things like outings or housework...

These are the kinds of days that make me wonder what on earth the Lord saw in me. I had a blessing once that I was to be given "choice spirits to tenderly train and care for". I'm beginning to see, as things develop with the boys, just how choice they are. I pray that I'm doing the right thing by them, and giving them the best chance to succeed in life and become the men that the Lord knows they are capable of being.

I am grateful for the medications that are available. I am grateful for the therapies that we have access to, and for a doctor that understands I don't want zombie children. He knows that I'm not expecting miracles, nor am I trying to drug my children because I can't handle it. Not once have I felt judged in his office for asking for the help that both my children and I desperately need! I am grateful for family and friends, and even strangers, who are loving and understanding and patient with my children and myself - who don't judge us on a bad day.

Isn't it funny how downs can also be ups?