Monday, March 7, 2011

Just taking off!

All of a sudden I blink, and Daniel is growing up.

He says "Please." "I want it!" "A drink." "In." (referring to putting clothes in the dryer, forks in the drawer, and lego's in the bucket.) Today brought "I want out." (He was in his chair.)

He is better about staying out of the trash can. Thankfully. But discovered how to climb up onto his brother's bunk bed. If we had enough space to un-bunk the beds, we would. It's so cute how proud of himself he is getting up there, just the biggest smile! Saturday night we were cleaning, and a toy hit me on the head. I looked up and he's bouncing up there waving at me!

My little baby is in a big boy bed! It's been going well, although the bigger boys have been jumping on it and guess what. Yep. They've broken a couple of the slats holding up the mattress... I'm about to pull my hair out, and it's thinner after having babies anyway. Grrr! We're just going to see if the lumber yard can cut a piece of plywood or MDF and lay that over the slats. I wonder if they could break a slab an inch thick? (Something tells me I don't want to find out.)

Nursery starts next month, and we can't wait. This is the age where things get progressively harder during 2nd and 3rd blocks to keep him entertained and semi-quiet. Until his nap anyway. That should make nursery fun for the leaders. :-)


Janelle said...

good luck with all that and have fun!

MaryAnn said...

I'm a nursery worker in our ward, which means I am NOT counting down until Kassie goes to nursery (in June). But I'm happy for you!

Stephanie said...

That's so cute that he's learning to talk and climb bunkbeds! Audrey has a few little words, mostly "hi" and "banana."

Rachel Holloway said...

So cute! I just love that stage--though it does remind you of how quickly they grow!