Monday, February 28, 2011

At least I can laugh!

The boys got up on their own this morning, plenty early to get dressed and even eat breakfast at home! They were ready to go about 10 minutes before it was time to head to the bus stop, so I told them they could watch a little tv.

15 minutes later, I look up at the clock and realize they will miss the bus if they don't leave RIGHT NOW! They grabbed their coats, and we opened the door. Nobody was at the bus stop. Ooops! I guessed it had come earlier than usual. I had been planning on going into Rexburg anyway, Oren's prescription was out and I needed to see his doctor for a refill. So I hurried and got the 2 younger boys dressed, and we ran out the door to take the older boys to school.

When we pulled into the parking lot, there were only 3 cars there! What on earth? Then I see the sign that says there is no school today. Oh. (I'm fairly certain I never saw anything about no school today, or I would have remembered.) Is it funny that they were both really bummed about not having school? :-)

So I ended up taking all 4 kids with me to the doctor's office for Oren's prescription; then to the pharmacy in Rigby (who only took about 2 minutes, bless them!) ; then all the way to Idaho Falls to Winco; Joann's to see what I could find a good deal on (since they are closing the old store and moving across town and every thing is 50% off or more... and I wanted to see what sort of fabric I could find for some new skirts and dresses for me.) ; and then to a place I had heard about called Prepared Pantry, that was supposed to have good quality cocoa and a sale on good gel food colors.

All these places were on my list of errands that needed run, I didn't downsize just because all the kids were with me. But it certainly made for a longer day! They did great, plied with promises of Smarties candy.

And a little update for anyone who read my facebook posts about our crib and playpen mishaps! Just for kicks, and just in case it worked, I took down the crib and through it and the playpen out. Then we got out our toddler bed and set it up. He enjoyed crawling around on it, and jumping a little. But we knew bedtime was going to be an issue. William had a lot of trouble when we moved him to a bed but we let him cry it out and he did great, and we are frankly tired of catering to Daniel and his "high maintenance" sleeping. So we tucked Daniel into his new big boy bed, gave him kisses, and shut the door. Every 15 minutes we'd go back in and re-tuck him in. After an hour of screaming and banging on the door, he finally got quiet. We carefully opened the door to find him asleep on the floor behind the door, which we expected, and moved him. He slept on his own bed all night, suprisingly.

Tonight, I made sure he was tired. Tucked him in with a "friend", a little stuffed animal since he is used to touching something when he sleeps. And in a flash of inspiration, we (I) said a little bedtime prayer. Gave kisses and shut the door. He fussed, not screamed, for a minute or two, and now it's quiet. I haven't checked to see if he's on his bed or on the floor, but it didn't take an hour! We may be able to bypass the crib! Which would save us quite a bit of money.


Rachel Holloway said...

good for you! I am sure he will do great in the big boy bed! :) Just takes time sometimes.

And weird there was no school--and you didn't know!

Stephanie said...

Aw, how cute that he's in a big boy bed!

Melinda said...

What a crazy day! Way to go with the flow and not give up on your days' expectations just because of no school.

Good luck with continuing Daniel's big-boy-bed adventures! I can't imagine moving Carson right now - there's no WAY he'd stay in bed!