Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life is what you make of it.

That about sums it up.

I could be down about a lot of things. But I'm choosing not to be. I could be frustrated with the destruction and mayhem my children like to cause, but I am choosing to find a bright side. It's like constant spring cleaning here lately!

I could get sick of Daniel wanting to sleep with Mommy and Daddy. But I choose to focus on the smile he has when he wakes up next to me. And remember that he will slowly do better and better.

I could be upset at the amount of time Mark has to spend at work, and at school, and at his mom's doing homework. But I am choosing to remember that he is doing this for our family's future. And I am choosing to be glad he has such a great place to go study that is so close. He is also choosing to study elsewhere so he isn't here yelling at the kids to be quiet because in such small quarters it really isn't possible.

I could be disappointed in myself for sliding back up to my heavy weight again. I am choosing instead to accept the fact that until we are insured and I have access to the medications that keep my mood stable, sticking to a weight loss plan will be extremely difficult. I am choosing to dress myself in clothes that I feel good in for the meantime and learn how to use accessories to define the bits of myself that I like.

I choose to be happy about the 3 things I managed to get put away, and not angry about the 4 messes the kids made. I choose to pat myself on the back for using the can of soup Daniel opened with his teeth even though it wasn't what I wanted for lunch.

Life is what you make of it.


Rachel Holloway said...

good choice. :)

Thinking of you! A sending hugs!

Ticklemedana said...

I'm totally blog stalking you when I should be sleeping. lol. You are so awesome. I know you're not much younger than I but I feel like saying you've grown up to be an amazing woman. =)