Monday, February 21, 2011


There's about 10 pounds of powdered sugar on my counter, just waiting to be turned into frosting and fondant. Another 3 pounds of marshmallows waiting for the same thing. And a big batch of fondant waiting to be formed into pineapples, palm trees, and flowers!

Yesterday and this morning I crafted a royal icing tiara, and painted it silver. I'll be putting on teal/blue isomalt gems tomorrow morning before delivering the princess cake. And yes, I'll be taking pictures!

I've also finalized my idea for our Blue and Gold banquet cake. We're wanting it to feed 50-60 people, so I'm doing tiers. I'm thinking the bottom tier will have a fondant grass skirt. A "lei" of blue and gold fondant flowers will go around the top of the grass skirt. Chocolate fondant coconuts will sit between the two tiers, like they dropped off the palm trees that will be around the sides of the top tier. A big "29" will be sort of a topper, for our pack number, and I'll have some pineapples formed from rice krispy treats and covered in fondant and buttercream sitting around the numbers.

Mark and I talked about it, and decided to hold off on the gum paste class. This isn't the only series she'll be doing this year, and there are other things right now that need the money that class would cost. But it's definitely on the list of things I want to do at some point, and until then I will just teach myself what I can!

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Melinda said...

I CANNOT wait to see pictures of this! And why can't you live closer and experiment on me? :) Have fun with all you're learning!