Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our somewhat lame New Year's Eve

We usually have a blast on New Year's Eve. A fun dinner, traditional munchies for Mom and Dad, something bubbly and apple-y to drink... Maybe some confetti poppers. But not this year. :-(

We started our morning off with Daniel make the most horrendous barking cough and wheezing noises. He had been coughing the day before, but this really didn't sound too good. So I got him all bundled up and brought him to Community Care, a local urgent care clinic. We have a pediatrician in Rexburg, but haven't seen him yet thanks to waiting on insurance cards. We actually have appointments for the kids next week. :-) The doctor we saw did the RSV test and that came back positive, so he got a steroid shot in his thigh and a breathing treatment. He slept through the treatment, bless his heart! He's been prescribed a nebulizer, rented from a local medical supply company who brought it right to the house, and some albuterol liquid that goes in it and turns into vapor for him to inhale. The doctor said that his oxygen was really good, which means we brought him in early enough that he should be just fine and shouldn't have any complications like pneumonia or bronchiolitis.

It is VERY contagious though, which meant that Daniel, William and I were out of the running to go to Mark's nephew's birthday party that night. My sweet sister-in-law didn't have a problem with the older two going, so Mark took them to Blackfoot with Grandma and Grandpa, and another of his sisters and her husband who were over here from Boise. The boys and I enjoyed chicken.... gasp! ... for dinner. I know the superstition with eating chicken, but I figured since Mark is starting school and everything we'll be "scratching backwards" for money for the next 4 years anyway... I'll tell you what, it was soooooo worth it! Juicy and tender!

They didn't get home until nearly 11 and went straight to bed, Mark too. He had to be at work at 7 am the next morning. So it was just me, who was caught up watching a marathon of Food Network challenges. I looked at the clock at one point and saw it was about 12:15. Happy New Years, me! Drained my caffeine-free soda and went to bed, exhausted. Just to wake up at some late/early hour to do Daniel's breathing treatment. And again when Mark left for work, and again for the day.

Mark's dad came by Saturday with a brother from church and gave Daniel a blessing. He sounds so much better! Still a little tight in his chest sounding, and a little croupy when he coughs, but it will take several days to get everything cleared up. In the meantime, William is sounding a little croupy now too, so we'll be watching him.

Mom W volunteered to watch the older 3 last night so Mark could run for some groceries and I would only have to worry about Daniel. In a last ditch effort to have a date night, she offered to let them spend the night and let us have a quiet evening with a movie. We've been trying to catch up on the Smallville series. Daniel passed out about 7, and Mark came back from getting the boys settled at nearly 9. I think we made it to all of 10:15 before finding ourselves falling asleep at the tv. So we went to bed. How sad! :-) Another early morning for Mark, who had to be at work at 8, and it was so nice to just putter around taking care of Daniel and snuggling with my baby on the couch. No crazy climbing the fridge and each other for cereal. No yelling about who was sitting next to who. No scrapping for clean underwear and Sunday clothes. Daniel joined my shower since it was cold and he needed a bath anyway, and I didn't have to worry about what was going to be destroyed when I got out!

With Daniel sick and William starting to show the cough, I didn't want them at church to get other little ones sick. So Mom W took Oren and Daniel to church, they were so excited about their new classes! They did really well too, must be grandma magic.

I'm feeling very blessed to be so near family who love to take care of us and are trying to spoil us. :-)


Rachel Holloway said...

Ya know, when you're sick, or the kids are sick, fun plans really DO go out the window! It sound really kind of nice and relaxing to have not had all the worry going on and the boys out of your hair. JEALOUS of the family you have close that makes days like that possible!

Melinda said...

Bummer about all the sickies. But maybe this means you'll get the sick over with EARLY in the year and have an other-wise healthy 2011! (We can hope...)

So glad for you that you've got family that can help take over in hard times!