Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's only Thursday?

Oh, this week is dragging! With Daddy working 11 hour days all week , the days just drag on and on and on... He starts school next week and although we don't know what his work schedule will be yet, I know the days will be just as long for the both of us.

We ventured out to town yesterday afternoon to run some errands. It amused and irritated me that if Daniel misplaced my cell phone I had to have Grandma call it for me. The number was long distance from my home phone! So we ran by the phone place to see if they could have it changed. I had been told last time I was in there that they could do it once as a courtesy. She looked at me like it was the hugest inconvenience to stop doing nothing, and acted like she was doing me a huge favor calling the request in. Um, aren't you getting paid to sit there and help people? I was also made aware that I was eligible for an upgrade... if I renewed my contract. I still have a year left, and my phone is fine, thank you very much! We are thinking of canceling our home phone and internet, since the apartment has internet, and going with a family plan. I'll upgrade then if I need to. Amusing how for someone not interested in getting up and helping me with a smile, she really wanted me to upgrade!

The boys did relatively well while we were waiting. Except for the tree that had candy canes. Daniel loves candy canes! He can spot them from across the room and reach them in 4 seconds flat! Plastic wrapping? No fear! He eats right past it! And what color were they? The were red...

By the time we got to Sally's 5 minutes away, we had dealt with "I WANT JACK-IN-THE-BOX!" TURN AROUND! TURN AROUND NOW MOMMY!!!!!" I think they were hungry, and the red food coloring didn't help any. Then at Sally's it was "Why do you need a hairbrush? This one? Can I play with this? Wow! Hair can be different colors! I have to pee!" There was no bathroom. Helpful sales lady- "Jamba juice has one next door." Boys- "I want juice! I'm still hungry! You didn't get me a drink! I'm cold! Why do we have to go back to the hairbrushes!" Funny thing was that we had a late lunch, they ate plenty, and it wasn't dinnertime yet. I managed to get the brushes that I needed without them spilling bottles of dye on the floor and get back out to the car. Having started with the best intentions of feeding them once we got home, the dye in their system needed diluted apparently, so we ended up at McDonalds. Ugh.

Then it was off to Walmart for Despicable Me! Thanks to a gift card we were able to get the double pack, with the 3 extra minion movies. Very exciting! There were a few other things that I needed, and therefore had to deal with the yelling and running around the cart and 2 different potty trips. Daniel trying to fall out of the cart, dirty looks by people who have no idea that even if we buckle him in he wiggles around out of the strap and tries to fall out anyway. I have long since stopped caring about dirty looks... The fun part was trying to make it through the feminine supplies aisle without too many questions from the boys! But we made it home in one piece and they watched their new movie in their pajamas, with a big bowl of popcorn to throw around.

I did try to call Grandma, to see if the boys could play at her house since I got scolded for never asking her to babysit. What do you know? She was out shopping herself. Go figure. :-)


Melinda said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's son wriggles out of the buckles. Seeing's you'd get dirty looks either way...why bother?

I'm sorry your boys have the dye problems; I can't imagine having to deal with more than the average sugar high. We stop at McD's more often after a shopping trip than I dare to mention, though, so I don't blame you one bit.

Rachel Holloway said...

I AM SO TIRED after reading that! :)
Glad you got your stuff done! I was wondering what it is with this red dye issue to your boys...why is it that red dye affects them?? I was really curious about that!

Stephanie said...

Oy. That sounds like a long day. Feel free to call if you want to chat or unload or anything. :-)