Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just give me a match

At this moment I just want to burn down the house and start all over again. It's not filthy or anything, just all these little projects that need my attention. And I'm busy studying for my music theory test (yikes!), teaching piano lessons, trying to find clean underwear for boys, avoid calling for pizza delivery...

Things like: getting Daniel's baby blanket cut; fold a mountain of laundry; finding a free weekend for a date night as we haven't had one since the night before Daniel was born. Seriously. Oren and Nathan came with us to Marie's play so we can't count that. All the houseplants need watering badly, dust collecting on my pottery collection in the dining room. The door to the entertainment center needs finished and reattached after Nathan broke it off.

All these random things keep bugging me, and I just don't see when I'll have time to do any of them with all the prep for the 2 wedding cakes I have due in a couple weeks. I have to clean for Mark's sister and her 4 boys coming beginning of April. And practicing a song for the spring recital in May.

But I do have moments of victory. This morning I made bread, since we've been out for a couple days. I sorted a bunch of socks and threw out several with holes in them. The porch got swept yesterday since we had a huge mess of tumbleweeds shedding pokey branches in the last big windstorm. Maybe those moments of victory will start snowballing soon instead of all the things that I can't keep up with.

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