Tuesday, March 16, 2010

hurray for me!

Okay, there is no before picture, because it was just too gross. But maybe I'll post an after when I'm done.

It took me nearly all day, but I've gotten most of the boys's bathroom clean! I am simply amazed at what little boys can do to a bathroom. Good luck Rachel... *wink* That's why there is no before shot. It is my humble opinion that Soft Scrub is among the best cleansers known to woman. With bleach of course! What else would get the stains off the counter and tub? FYI- sidewalk chalk leaves bright colored stains on porous counter tops...

It took me so long because I was lettung the cleaner sit to bleach the stains. And because Daniel would be fine for all of 2 minutes on his blanket on the floor before starting to scream. And evern when I got him sleeping and laid down, that only gave 5 minutes. I timed it. He took a ton of catnaps today because he was tired but wouldn't stay asleep! Made for a grumpy baby, frustrated mommy, and a 30 minute chore into not even being finished yet.

But, the sink is scrubbed, tub is pink free, and toilet is thoroughly disinfected and shiny. The trash can and training potty are soaking to remove "misses" from little boys, and I just have mirrors and floors left. Whew!

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Rachel H. said...

Oh trust me...I already KNOW the damage boys can do. I face it every day! yuck!!!

Glad it is clean. That always feels SO nice--even though it's a chore I absolutely HATE!