Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I did it!

I was looking into different ways to learn to be a better piano teacher, and happened across an online music academy offering technical degrees in piano pedagogy. The study of teaching piano. 6 2-week courses including music theory, music history, teaching as a business, and practical application - where I would shadow a professional teacher and assist in 3 lessons. Where I would find a professional I don't know, but that's at the end of the curriculum.

Mark and I discussed it, and decided that further education to learn how to teach more effectively for different skill levels was a wise thing to do, since I love teaching so much. He gave the okay, and I requested an application. I was able to locate my last piano instructor and ask for a letter of recommendation, and one of my piano parents agreed to write me one as well, which was part of the application process.

After trying to think of all the musical qualifications I could come up to help me get into this course, and working with the wording to sound more professional, my application was complete. I sent it in this afternoon, and once they receive the letters of recommendation, they'll review my application and let me know if I got in.

I am so excited at the prospect of furthering my education, which is funny, because I never really thought that I would someday crave taking classes and learning things. I want to exercise my mind, stretch my horizons a little. I've been feeling a little stagnant lately. I took cake classes, but that was several years ago. Several things have been on my mind, including the feeling that I need to prepare myself and learn what I can to help provide for our family's future. I may not ever make a living off teaching piano, but having the necessary skills to teach properly will play in my favor when advertising new students and hopefully will ensure that I don't have a large lull when the current batch moves, as is common on a base. And becoming a better teacher will help me feel justified in what I charge for my time.

Crossing my fingers it all comes together quickly and I get in, and that I do well!


Rachel H. said...

OH GOOD! Congrats on taking the big step to further your education in that area, and hopefully another big congrats for getting in. Keep us posted!

Kathy said...

Way to go in applying to get more education! That's great that there's something out there like that for piano teachers. I had 2 students for a little while when I was in high school, but that's it. Now I'm teaching Emily, and it's going really well. Good luck!