Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Waiting for lots of things.

Waiting for the boys to get home from school. Waiting for the dryer to finish so William can wear clothes to piano lessons. Waiting for Daniel to fall asleep so I can type two-handed.

Waiting for the energy to start going to the gym. Waiting until my pants fall apart before I go bu new ones so I can fool myself into believing I didn't need them because I gained back all 20+ lbs of weight I lost while pregnant.

Waiting for news about an issue at work that may determine a lot. Any news. Waiting for the new name tapes for Mark's uniform. Waiting for Mark to get home from work and tell me about his day.

Waiting for a response on a favor I asked a friend reqarding a letter of recommendation to be sent to a course/school I am trying to get into. Waiting to send my application in while I hunt down back-up letters. Soon I'll be waiting to hear if I was accepted.

Waiting for the cleaning fairy to come work magic on my kitchen. Waiting until the hazmat crew clears us for entry into my children's rooms to find all the missing socks. Waiting until morning to get more ice cream at the store.

Waiting on new wax bars from Scentsy. Waiting for the right moment to finally own a home to choose scents for. Waiting for spring, for my bulbs to come up and my pansies to bloom. Waiting until there are new buds to prune back my rose bushes.

Waiting far too late to go to bed, once again.

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