Saturday, March 6, 2010

Grandpa's Birthday Party

We wandered down to Grandpa's birthday this afternoon. True to Danes form, we got there a good hour late and nobody had eaten yet. They were just saying prayer! Yummy potato/chili bar, and salads. I made one out of a cookbook Jim and Connie gave us when we got married, and everybody loved it. I didn't take a picture though, I forgot, so I'll have to make it again and snap away. Afterwards Grandpa told some stories, his voice was so soft it was hard to hear and unfortunately Daniel was really (understatement) fussy and gassy to I had to leave to take care of him.

Some people couldn't keep their eyes open. Guess that happens when you know the stories by heart! :-)

There was a game going on in the back, don't know what but it looked fun. Sluffing Grandpa's story, for shame...

Mom was helping clean up. Don't know what prompted this look, but I thought it was hilarious.

After I finally got Daniel settled, fed, and to sleep, Janelle stole my camera and got one of the few pictures ever taken of this reclusive creature. A mom.

Nathan came in from the hallway to watch the game.

Tracking down all the kiddos, roaming the halls.

When William saw me with the camera, he would walk a little down the hallway, turn and say "Cheese!" and then keep going.

Poor baby. I snapped this just after he bonked his face on Daddy's head. Daddy was just complaining about the drool, which he knew was coming. Babies drool!

I tried uploading a video of Aunts Karen, Annette and Lanita, singing a song with Grandpa about the soldier in his uniform coming home. Something like that, I think they said Grandma used to sing it or something. I came in just after they talked about the song. I'll try again in another post, it was a fairly long video so I don't know if it'll work.

It was lots of fun seeing everybody. Then we loaded up and hit Winco for some needed bulk items, and Panda Express for a really big dinner where we stuffed ourselves and I made Mark drive home so I could nap. Whew!

update- The MB limit is 100 megs, and the video is 320 something. Shoot! Sorry....


Stephanie said...

Looks like fun! Sometimes I really miss living up there where we could go to all that fun stuff without having to make a seven hour drive first!

Rachel H. said...

oh how I wish we could have gone!!! Clearly not an option, at all, but still. :) Looks like a blast... :)

Janelle said...

we were listening to the story. I promise!

Kathy said...

Thank you SO much for posting pictures of Grandpa's birthday! So glad you guys were able to come. It was great to see everyone.