Monday, February 1, 2010


Mark's car is done, and we are picking it up this morning. It's been a long 3 weeks, and it was a definite reminder of why we have 2 vehicles. Holy cow. I miss that little purple thing. :-)

I went to Boise Friday to plead on my ticket. I decided to fight the misdemeaner charge, because I think it was ridiculous and the situation didn't warrant the charge. A nice long morning, but I have a pretrial date for March and a trial date for April in case we can't resolve it at the pretrial. I'll pay a fine, go to defensive driving class, deduct license points... whatever. Just don't stick a criminal charge on my clean record!

Oren is going through a medication adjustment. At his appointment last week, we talked about how he started meds at 12% height for weight. Now he's 4%. There is a special request med that has been known to help kids like him have a better appetite and gain a little more weight while controlling his symptoms, but he has to fail on 2 other meds to get on it. So we've "failed" the Concerta for lack of weight gain. And he started Adderol for 2 weeks and will "fail" on that because of course he won't gain a ton of weight on it. Then the doctor can prescribe Viavace for him. But gettting the Concerta out of his system, adjusting to the Adderol, getting that out and adjusting to the Viavace is going to make for a fun month. We've already had 3 boxes of tissue made into snow, baby powder ALL over my bathroom, and major pencil chewage. Plus several meltdowns since the new med is making him very over-emotional.

The boys were playing so nicely together that I had to take a picture. They had been fairly well behaved all evening, just being so nice and quiet. But not too quiet, the kind that means trouble.

So this mess was a huge shocker! They were "using their imaginations!" to quote Oren, the mastermind of the whole thing. This is what 3 boxes of tissues looks like when pulled out, shredded, and tossed about like a snowstorm.

Nathan has gotten even taller somehow recently. I'll be suprised if he doesn't hit 6 feet by adulthood. He's doing great in school, and has really picked up on reading. It's very suprising hearing them both spout off facts that they've read or learned... because it's stuff I didn't teach them. He just loves helping with "baby Daniel" and is always at the ready with a toy or pacifier. He's been into helping William get snacks too, which is both good and bad. The nutella sandwich for breakfast I could have done without, but the grapes and carrots after lunch was fine. :-)

William loves his little brother too, and takes great pride in holding him carefully, giving him his pacifier while when he cries and I'm trying to take care of dinner. He lost a shoe, and so wore either his Sunday shoes, or mixmatched snow boots for 2 weeks until I gave up trying to find this thing and just grabbed the next size up out of my hand-me-down shoe box. They're big, but they match! So many people at the school laughed and said "I remember those days!" instead of judging me. I love this school! He loves to copy his daddy which is hilarious when the legos fell over yesterday and he spouts off "By Gad Almighty!" Which is Daddy's go to when he's frustrated. Daddy wasn't quite sure what to think of his son's language...

And Daniel is just growing like a weed! We had some issues with milk supply last week and I thought it was done for. But I've been taking blessed thistle and fenugreek and drinking lots of water, plus letting him sleep with us for several nights to nurse as much as he wanted, seems to have taken care of the problem. At least, he's going a couple hours now and is happy after nursing, even in the evening. Whew! Although, he still won't nurse unless I'm laying down. And now he even prefers the bed to the couch. Here I was praying hard that it would work this time, and now I can totally see myself having to nurse laying down until he weans at a year. Good grief. If I lost weight while nursing that'd be fine, but I gain.... But we'll probably be starting cereal in a few weeks when he turns 4 months, we'll see how his checkup goes.

And, he rolled over onto his tummy yesterday! Daddy saw it, but I only saw him roll back over onto his back.

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Rachel H. said...

HOW NICE to get your other car back. About time! And here's hoping they let you off...after my run around in court over traffic stuff, I would be fine to never ever see that building again!