Friday, February 5, 2010

Day on the town

Today was some sort of teacher inservice day, so the kids had the day off of school. I had an appointment in Boise, so we loaded everybody up and headed out. Fun isn't quite the word I'd use, but it wasn't a half bad day.

For starters, my doctor is putting me on Concerta for the ADHD. And scolded me for not getting enough sleep.... which is why I loaded everybody... so Mark could drive. Hopefulle that will improve some issues. And this time, we didn't crash the car on the way to lunch!

Daniel had issues all day until we got home. Because he will only nurse when I am laying down, that made for an interesting feeding situation. I brought my pump in case he wouldn't nurse so I wouldn't explode, but somehow forgot the handle that works the whole thing. Man, hand expressing hurts! I also had a thermos of warm water and formula powder. He wouldn't take either breastmilk or formula from the bottle, and so spent most of the morning/afternoon either screaming at us or sleeping. We felt so bad, but if he won't take it, what are we suppposed to do? I even laid the seat all the way back so he'd at least eat the side he doesnt' fight me on, so he got something. But it was a long day so it sort of bit that I had so many things I needed to do while in town.

But, I was able to find the cake pillars and plates I need for my sister-in-laws wedding cake. Otherwise I'd have to order them and that can take a few weeks. So, nice to know how much they are and where I can get them. Mark got his glasses fixed. I picked up the music books I needed for a couple students, and a couple new folios that caught my eye. (books with lots of songs) Nathan fell off his chair at McDonalds and scraped up his chin really well. He was wiggling around after we told him he needed to sit still, so I was kind of irked when an employee brought him stickers to help him feel better.

I also have a new appreciation for Payless employees and boys who are decisive. Payless was our last stop of the day, since Nathan's shoes were falling apart and Oren's were a bit snug. The nice young man measured their feet quilcky and helped me figure out what sizes they needed to have some room to grow. Once we got to the right section, the boys found what they wanted within minutes! Nathan opted for easy velcro, and Oren chose some basic slip-ons. We threw the old shoes away and the guys let them wear the shoes out of the store. Hurray! Happy feet! In and out in 10 minutes.... not half bad.

Home for a 5 minute snooze while feeding a very hungry baby, and then an hour teaching piano. I have a student learning Fur Elise, and we're struggling with the concept of 32nd notes being 16th notes and all that. Finding where the beat is and where the notes are in relation to each other. But she's good, and determined, and that helps. But after that I was exhausted again.

So I took another quick nap and went down to Walmart. Yes, my day wasn't over. I needed to pick up my prescription. Turns out they got one of them wrong because the way the doctor wrote it out, but they agreed to fill my other one last minute so I didn't make the trip for nothing. Take and bake pizza for dinner tonight!

And now I want nothing more than to go to bed, because my face hurts from clenching my jaw last night, my eyes are burning and don't want to stay open, and I haven't managed more than 5-6 hours a night for over a week. But Mark is playing the piano right not, at 10:30pm, and I'd never get to sleep!

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Nicia said...

Wow! What a day! Way to get so much done, and good job squeezing in a few naps too. The McDonald's people probably gave him stickers to avoid getting sued! ;)