Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life is fun!

And crazy too.

We've just been good and busy this week. My dad and brother Owen came by Friday to fix Dad's car, and stayed the night to finish it Saturday. We had fun with homemade pizza and a movie. I knew my pizza was good, but I caught Owen licking his plate! :-)

Then Saturday evening we met up with Mark's baby sister and her fiance at the Wingers that just opened in town and enjoyed a yummy dinner. Their original Amazing sauce really is amazing! They had come to Boise to check out a school he wants to attend next fall, and so they stayed Saturday night and went to church with us Sunday. I'm doing her wedding cake in April, so we hammered out the sketch for it and decided on the little details. We are both very excited, but it's going to take a lot of advanced prep to pull it off.

Oren had an appointment yesterday to check his weight since we adjusted his medication. He's gone from being in the 12% for height/weight, to the 4% range. Getting too low for my taste and the doctor's. So we are switching his meds to one that has been known to help with weight gain for kids like Oren. But to get on that one he has to fail 2 others. He's failed on the Concerta, so he's now on Adderol for 2 weeks. Since he won't gain a lot of weight in 2 weeks we can "fail" him on that and then the doctor can prescribe the Viavace he wants Oren on. Whew! Hope this works!

And it may have taken 3 months, but Daniel is finally on a sort of schedule! Nursing is a bit iffy right now, as my medication increases my milk supply has been doing odd things. So I'm taking fenugreek and have blessed thistle being shipped to be here tomorrow. I'm going to fight a bit more to breastfeed, but I will have no shame when I finally say - enough. It's been an uphill battle with this one, issue after issue. But it's so satisfying when we have a good day that it makes me want to do what I can to keep it going. At least in part. I don't mind supplementing if he needs it.

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