Thursday, February 11, 2010


I guess this is just some random update thoughts, like Rachel's post. Most of what I do is random anyway!

Oren had another appointment to check how his new meds were doing, so we could switch to his other med. But suprise! The kiddo gained 1 1/2 pounds in one week! We didn't expect that, so we're keeping him on the Adderol, and just upped it a tad to help at school since the tiny dose wasn't as good as we had hoped. It will be nice to have him not look like skin and bones, a skeleton. Slim is one thing, but he was way more than slim.

And Daniel started rice cereal this week! And loves it! He's been eyeing our food for a few days, from plate to mouth. He sits up great in his bumbo (heaven bless my friend for loaning to me so I didn't have to fork over $40) so we gave it a shot. I didn't even have to buy the cereal, since my friend Amanda had some left over. He was grabbing the spoon and helping me put it in his mouth! I would have taken pictures, but the tiny amounts on the spoon didn't really make a mess. Now, the first plate of spaghetti I'll definitely take shots of. :-)

Last week was a bad week. For me. I even called my mom by Friday night having a little mini breakdown or something, not sure what was up with that. But after starting my Concerta (for the ADHD) and my Lamictal (for bipolar) is still getting larger doses as we work up to the full management dose, I am doing much better. Even with it being a stimulant, Daniel doesn't seem to have a problem with the Concerta like I was worried he might. And it hasn't affected my milk supply so far. Yay!

---- It is now evening. And I want lots of ice cream! At one point I had 9 kids here. I babysat a friend's 2 daughters. Then she picked up her daughter, Oren and Nathan, and another boy from school. They ended up staying here to play for a while, because apparently my house is the preferred place to play. The boy's mom brought over his sister for a bit so she could run to the store. And then I had a piano lesson! Whew! A long evening.... yet somehow I managed a yummy steak and homemade rice pilaf dinner in between lessons. Yumm!

Aaaand..... I have a cake job! A friend who used to be in our ward gave my name to a lady in her new ward, who called and asked if I could do a wedding cake for her son's wedding. She needs it the same day as my sister-in-law, so I'll do all the flowers in advance for both cakes, and drop hers off at the church up here 2 days before, and take my sis-in-law's over to Rigby for her reception. I think I will be glad to have that week over and done with, and I won't be making a lot of money off the job, but I've never done the setup that this lady wants, so it will be good experience. And may mean more jobs in the future. I have until April. And then I'm doing Janelle's wedding cake in May. Hurray!

Now I think I'll go get some ice cream and then go to bed before Daniel wakes up and wants to nurse yet again.


Rachel H. said...

as always, fun tidbits! No matter how random they may seem!
mmmm....icecream. When DOESN'T that sound good?
Thats awesome about your cake jobs coming up! It will be fun to put your skills to work and make some fun money with it!

Melinda said...

Love the random update posts I'm seeing around here...maybe I should do that too, instead of waiting 2 weeks between 'exciting' posts.

I love that you get to do more cakes! Hope that means more pretty things up on your cake blog!