Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daniel - awake - 4 months

I finally remembered to take pictures of Daniel awake. Look at those big eyes! He doesn't really love tummy time, but I make him occasionally. Can't get those strong muscles if he doesn't exercise them. :-)

Wheeee! I'm flying!

We got out our Johnny Jump-up thing and hung it in the doorway. Nathan loved this thing, and William liked it well enough too. So we thought we'd try Daniel out in it, since he's been standing on our laps for over 2 months. Strong legs.... He enjoyed standing and twisting around while chewing the edge for a few minutes, and then got hungry and his arm stuck. Please ignore the paper mess behind him.

We sure enjoy having him in our family. He can be a bit demanding, but those toothless smiles are worth it!


Rachel H. said...

oh so cute!!! I can't believe what big yes he has!! WHAT A DOLL!

Melinda said...

Way cute! Carson already enjoys his jumperoo, and it's cute to see another darling boy in his jumper. And he IS darling!

Annette said...

Michelle, I lost your email address. I think it got deleted. I have food assignments done for Grandpa's birthday party.

Could you bring 2 pounds of grated cheese and a salad? The salad can be anything- just not potato salad. We are having potato bar. We will be eating at 3:00. Also, if your family has a talent you want to share, plan on doing so. We will have a piano available.

Very cute baby! Isn't it so fun!?

Love, Aunt Annette