Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Feeling bad.

Mom, I feel so bad today. Somehow, in all the craziness that is my life and the busyness of my little family's schedule, your birthday snuck in.

And like the apperantly forgetful daughter that I seem to have become lately, I missed it. Meaning to call, and then, like often happens when one has small children, there were bumps and bruises and needing drinks, and soggy diapers, and dinner setting off the smoke alarms, and piano lessons, and stuffy nosed babies, and a night on the couch, and stepping on legos in the hallway.

None of which is an excuse, simply a fact of life. But it doesn't change that fact that I didn't call my Mom, the woman who gave birth to me, and put up with my non-stop chatter, and encouraged my creativity in cooking, paid for years of piano lessons (which I am putting to good use) , and sewed each of my children a beautiful blessing outfit.... on her birthday.

I do intend to call, hopefully before life can sneak back up on me. Until then, thank you for everything that you have done and still do for me. Thank you for being there if I need encouragement and support with my particular children and their challenges. Thank you for boosting my self esteem when I'm down. Thank you for all those lessons you taught me about life, I was paying attention, I promise. :-) Thank you for just being you, a wonderful mom.

Happy Birthday!

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Stephanie said...

Shoot. I forgot too...

I guess there's a phone call in each of our near futures.