Saturday, January 16, 2010

Daniel at 3 months

Has it really been 3 months already? Growing so fast, he loves sitting up and I need to find a used bumbo chair for him since he just doesn't really dig the swing.

My one and only child to ever really enjoy sucking on his fingers. He loves his pacifier, but fingers will entertain him right after he wakes up for a while.

I see a small resemblence to my brother Samuel. Kind of around the eyes. He's getting little thigh rolls, a rolly-polly rear, and creases in his wrists. William was so skinny that I love seeing a little chunk on my baby. Very reassuring.

He isn't feeling well today though. I called my mom last night frustrated that he was pretty much refusing to eat all day, and that before that he was wanting to eat every hour for 2 days straight. Very confusing! Turns out that he's a little sick, he woke up this morning coughing with a runny/stuffy nose, gassy tummy, and a low-grade fever. Poor thing. He's slept most of the day, and with him not feeling well, he wants to be held the whole time understandable. I'd want cuddled if I was little and sick too.

So not much has gotten done today, but he's been kept fairly comfy and has actually eaten decently today. Which means he's wetting diapers, luckily. Yesterday was a dry day and worrisome. Hope he feels better soon, this is his 3rd cold thing.

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Stephanie said...

I think Audrey's not feeling well either, she's been fussing instead of eating for a couple days. Here's hoping that both our little ones get better really soon!

BTW, he's so cute! Have I mentioned that yet? ;-) None of my kids have really gotten into sucking on their fingers - they were/are always swaddled!