Friday, January 8, 2010

Too funny...

Ok, not funny at all. I crashed Mark's car this morning. What was funny was that I ended up eating Chinese food after all.

I had my appointment with my psychiatrist this morning. It went very well, and I got my prescription, I'll pick it up in the morning.

But then I wanted to get some Chinese and remembered that there was a Panda Express down the road a couple miles. So off I went. Daniel decided he was hungry and I was groping blindly for the pacifier. That didn't work, so I turned my head around for a second to see if I could spot it out of the corner of my eye. Just a second, that's all.

I turned my head back around to see that the car in front of me had stopped at the end of the line at the stoplight! He was moving the moment before! I slammed on my brakes and tried to get into the turning lane before smashing into the back of his car. I managed to turn enough that the right front of my car hit the left rear of his, but we still impacted good enough to completely smash my headlight out, bust out a couple of pieces of the grill, and buckle out the metal of his wheel well. He was driving an '84 BMW, so his was a solid enough car to not take too much damage, and it looks like he just has a sore neck. (he did go get it checked out though, hope he's okay.)

Daniel was crying before, but the impact made even madder! I sat for a second to make sure I was okay, and then got out to talk to the other guy. He was so nice about it, kind of stunned, but really nice. A police officer was driving by so we didn't have to call for one, and we got all the paperwork taken care of. They towed my car to the nearest collison center, and I remembered that I had denied rental reimbursment so Mark had to come get me. (What a fun phone call to get...) After an hour trying to sort out all the claim details and figure out where the car was going to be taken to, it was time to eat! The closest place happened to be a nice little Chinese restaurant on the corner, so the guys from that body shop gave me a ride since I had a big headache and wasn't feeling well from having not eaten in hours.

At least I got my Chinese! And everyone's okay, should have our car back in a week or so. At the bottom of the paper work there is a question. "What could you have done to prevent the accident?"

My answer.... "Let my son scream." Jeez-louiz. Mark's pretty impressed that I was able to prevent more damage by turning the wheel. So at least he's not mad.


Rachel H. said...

bummer deal! It's hard to drive with a screaming child...definitely distracting!

But hey, you got your chinese! :) LOL

Stephanie said...

Yikes! Glad you're okay, and were able to prevent it from being worse.

Mmm, Chinese...