Saturday, November 14, 2009

O Christmas Tree....

It occured to me yesterday that with Mark's little trip, the dates that we can all be together as a family to put up the Christmas tree are limited to next weekend, or the week before Christmas. This weekend coming up is far too early. The next weekend is Thanksgiving and we'll be out of town. The one after that he's gone! Can't do a weekday because Oren wouldn't be able to help.

I guess it's going up right before Christmas this year! Probably a good thing anyway, because last year we did it at the beginning of December and it looked awful by the 25th thanks to the kids playing with the ornaments and the cats trying to sleep in it.

This isn't deep or profound, just the random revelations of a sleep-deprived mommy who likes the pretty lights on the Christmas tree in the evening.

Wait a minute.... how is it just 2 weeks until Thanksgiving?

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