Friday, November 13, 2009

1 Month Old!

Daniel turns 1 month old today! It's hard to believe that a whole month has passed. Wasn't I still pregnant just the other day? He's growing so fast, all my babies are. Oren is 4 feet tall, and Nathan is just 2 inches shorter. William is exactly 3 feet now, and Daniel is just about too long for his newborn sleepers, and wears the actual 0-3 month sizes! Although, I find it amusing that even though Oren is so much bigger than Daniel, he only weighs about 5 times what Daniel weighs. Just 5 babies to 1 Oren. :-)

Mark is back at work now, we've sure enjoyed having him home this last month. He was much more helpful this time than with the other babies, and I miss him a lot in the evenings. He came home from his first day back and said they are sending him away for 2 weeks in December. It's just 2 weeks, but he'll miss my birthday. At least he'll be here for Christmas! He was at an appointment this morning, and it was really hard trying to get all 4 boys out the door so Oren could be to school on time. We made it, but wow, that was stressful. 2 weeks of it will be interesting. But I have the rest of November, and I'm just grateful that this is the first time he's been away since his deployment when I was pregnant with Nathan. That's almost unheard of nowadays, that long being home. I wonder what the house will look like when he gets back?


Janelle said...

hes looking so CUTE! it is hard to believe an entire month has passed already.

Stephanie said...

Wow, already a month old? I agree with Janelle, he is looking very cute. He definitely looks like his brothers, I can see bits and pieces of each of them in his face. Neat.

Melinda said...

If you need help surviving the two-week deployment, I'll probably just be lying around with a baby and will welcome phone chatter!

I can't believe he's already so OLD! (j/k) He's looking darling!

Nicia said...

Such a cutie!!!