Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Handsome Boys and Happy Holidays!

Whew! It's been a busy little while at our house! I will say, having 4 kids isn't "hard" per se, just busy. What people were telling me is true, in a way having just 3 was harder. But only because the other children are older and help more is it easier. The laundry increases, but not that I notice with so many to wash for already. Dishes haven't gotten more, but the boys help unload more oftern. There aren't any more toys, but I pick them up a lot less often, since I didn't make the mess.

Going out isn't that bad. Daniel nurses, so it's just an extra blanket and some more diapers in the diaper bag. William holds my hand, and the other boys know to walk close. Daniel goes in the cart in his seat, William "helps push", and the others hold on to the side same as always.

What really makes it easier is that our family has a routine now. There is a way that our day has to go with school and meals and lessons that just makes everything work. I've learned the value of a crock pot meal after 2 hours of piano lessons when I walk in the door. Or making the casserole in the morning and keeping it in the fridge all day until crazy hour hits and I need to make dinner. The boys know what time to expect what, what day has which activities, and I know how much time to allow per child to be ready. Plenty of downtime, and being selective about what we try to get done helps too. I think all this is why I can truthfully answer "yes!" when friends ask if I still feel sane with 4 boys. :-)

It amazes me how old they all look now too! We got William some proper Sunday Clothes, even though they barely fit and he'll need different ones by the end of the winter, and they just all looked so handsome sitting on the couch waiting for me to get ready for church! (The only reason they were sitting still is the Veggie Tales movie that was playing. Shhhh..... don't tell)

And I'll be posting this recipe in a bit on my food blog! Oren's teacher asked if I would make the cupcakes I volunteered myself for earlier in the year to ensure Oren had a party option with no food coloring. And Nathan asked if I could make a treat for his party too, and how could I turn down those big blue eyes? Nathan's had to be pumpkin themed for his Harvest Party, so these are pumpkin cupcakes with a special cream cheese frosting! These were much more gratifying than Rachel's apple pie episode, the students ate them up, the teachers had some of the extras, and Oren passed some to a happy school office! I had one myself and was quite pleased. I loved Rachel's little apple pies, and my kids gobbled them fast, but what kid doesn't like cupcakes? (Will be making those pies again soon, got the crust in the fridge. Yumm!)
Happy Holidays everyone!

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