Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009

update by Mark:
vampire dad


Oren wanted to match dad

face painting at a haunted house they only made it through 3 rooms. We went back later and Nathan still didn't like it. I carried Oren through while they watched Nathan outside

Oren did most of this I just carved out the harder spots. He even did the mouth, eyes, and some of the branches.

Nathan did this all by himself. He even made ears.

I did this same one last year but alot smaller. I added staples on his forehead and bolts on his neck, both with fake blood of course. It took a very long time! I'll take a picture and add it later. Also on the back of Oren's pumpkin, he did an awesome job at cutting abstract art into his pumpkin, but it's drying out, so we have to rehydrate it in a bucket and take the picture, hopefully, that works. Or it will just add to abstractness of it. Happy Halloween!

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