Friday, November 6, 2009

Here ya go!

See, so much better than a frizzy ponytailed mess. And I never realized just how full my poor bookshelves are until these pictures. So many more books I want to get, but don't know where I would put them!
I went to go give Oren a hug today, and it struck me just how tall 4 feet is. My oldest will be as tall as his Mom in just over a foot! I put Daniel in clothes Oren wore as a newborn, and now Oren is so tall. Where did the time go?


Stephanie said...

You look gorgeous! I love the curls.

I keep realizing how grown up Zaylee is, and she's half of Oren's age! Wow, someday she'll be four feet tall and I'll be wondering where the time went.

Karen said...

And before you know it he'll be on his mission. The time goes way too fast...keep giving them those hugs.

Melinda said...

I love the haircut! Thanks for sharing. I wish I had some curl to my hair to pull off a look like that.