Thursday, October 8, 2009

Silly Willy turns 3!

William's birthday was on Sunday. We kept it really low key, since I had just driven 1 1/2 hours back from Mom's house and cooked dinner, and Mark had to drive just over 4 hours to get home that evening. We were all exhausted!

Daddy thought it would be fun to wrap everything. I don't have any wrapping paper other than Christmas stuff, so we used my huge roll of butcher paper, which is harder to rip open. That explains the look on William's face as he tries to open his first present!

He got all excited about this one. It's a Little People farm, with animals and doors that open and stuff. It's pretty much been in the living room since Sunday night, he loves it! Especially since Daddy put batteries in and it makes the noises it is supposed to. Most of the toys he has to play with are his older brothers, this one is just for him!

And with the crazy weekend, we chose to get a tiny bakery cake. All the boys had them this year. Sad thing is that the 1/8 sheet cake only cost $2 less than the 1/4 sheet cake, which is twice the size! Explain that one? He tried a couple times to blow his candles out, but couldn't quite manage it, so Mommy had to help a little. I hadn't gotten around to buying ice cream, so we sort of skipped that. Plus, it was sooooo bedtime, and the cake was more than enough sugar.

I can't believe how big he has gotten! It still feels like not so long ago we were sitting with him in the NICU, so tiny, with his little attitude. He'd reach up and grab the fabric"glasses" protecting his eyes from the bili-lights, and throw them over the side of the incubator. Used to drive the nurses crazy! When he wanted to suck, he'd get so mad that he couldn't keep the pacifier in, so the nurses ended up sticking the end of his nasal aspirator into the Soothie pacifier, and propping it against the side of his bed. First time I walked in and saw that, I cracked up! But he was happy. :-)

When he started walking I think he went straight to running after his brothers. Our long hallways was lots of fun for him, as was the laundry room with it's big bowl of water right next to the kitty food. And baby gate was necessary for quite a while!

Now he's talking all the time, climbs everything, and has no fear. Except of the lawn mower. That thing is evil..... apperantly. He loves hanging out with his brothers, and when I say it's time to go get them from school he runs and finds me shoes and hops back and forth while I put them on, then pulls me out of my chair and out the door. So I can't say anything until it's time to walk out the door, he doesn't want to wait! I can't cuddle him and dress him any more. He'll grab the clothes and insists on doing it himself! Kind of nice, but sad that he's getting so independent.

We can't wait to see what this next year will bring!

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Stephanie said...

Happy birthday to William! I really can't believe how big he's gotten, and how much stuff he can do! He's so cute in that picture, trying to get his present open. Love the look on his face.