Friday, October 9, 2009

Now I feel bad...

William was being silly yesterday and opening his mouth really wide while we were waiting to pick up Nathan. I looked at him, and for some reason, his molars caught my eye. It looked like he'd been eating chocolate or something, but not in the middle of his molar where food normally gets caught. It was in a little hole in the front of his molar, where there is normally not a hole!


Double checked, brushed his teeth, and checked again. Um, the brown stuff didn't go away. So I showed Mark this morning and told him I'd call the dentist next week. He sweetly reminded me that he is capable of taking the children to doctor's appointments, so go ahead and call, see what they have open. Somehow they had an appointment for an hour later, so I took him in.

You know how much fun we had trying to take his picture? Yeah. I literally had to pry his mouth open for the poor dentist. All the guy got was a quick look, couldn't even really scan the other teeth. But it turns out what I suspected. He has a cavitity on both sides of his mouth, the first set of molars. Don't know how he got them, but the dentist said that we were lucky, it looks like I spotted them pretty early because they don't seem to be bothering William yet.

And now we have a referral for a pediactric dentist in Boise who will do a more comprehensive exam and do the fillings. Most likely William will have to be sedated, since I know he will absolutely not cooperate for this one either. He just doesn't like new people and I can't hold his mouth open while they do the fillings..... Poor baby!

I totally feel like a bad mom right now though, because my barely 3-year old has at least 2 cavities! It could be just really soft enamel, Amanda's daughter had several caps and stuff done at 3 1/2 because her enamel was genetically so soft that her teeth were rotting in her mouth. Or it could legitimately be all the junk food Daddy gives him while I'm gone. Who knows?

So we'll try calling on Monday and see if the office is open. If not, then we'll call on Wednesday. Either way, he won't be going in until the next week, because this coming week is going to be CRAZY!


Rachel H. said...

OF COURSE! Darn it!Way to find that early and get it nipped in the bud! :)

And hoping he does okay when he goes!

Nicia said...

Don't even feel bad! I use to work in a dental office and kids came in all the time with cavities. You should feel good that all they are are cavities, and not extractions, cause we had a lot of those too for little tykes. Wish there was something I could tell you to help with his anxiety of the dentist...I'm lucky Alyssa LOVES the dentist...but it's always been a really fun experience for her. Anyway, hope he's okay!!

Stephanie said...

Oh wow, that's no fun. Good thing you seem to have caught it nice and early. I hope everything works out well with the fillings and stuff.