Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why not?

We got our modem up and running, and then the next day it zonked out on us! Fortunately the technician that had to come out just traded us another one and set us up - without a call out fee. What a nice guy! I just found it funny that we waited forever for the new modem, had internet for less than 12 hours, and then it went back out. Why not?

But I had another ob appointment Tuesday, it went great. Who doesn't love the Group B Strep test? Baby's NST went fine, very reassuring. And then it was upstairs for my ultrasound. Last time he had jumped from the 50th% for weight, to the 70th%. Uh oh.... But this latest scan showed that must have been just a growth spurt and he slowed back down, because although his head is still in the 70th% for size, his weight is back down at 50th%. I have more than enough fluid, which is fantastic! The doctor seemed apologetic when he told me the baby had a nice big head, but that doesn't bother me a bit. I was just worried about him jumping up even higher on his weight, but he's fine. So he weighs about 5lbs 12 oz.

Just a few more weeks left! Just in time for my favorite pair of maternity pants, and most comfortable, to start getting a hole in the thigh. Ugh.


Stephanie said...

Ugh, my favorite maternity pants are getting a hole right by the back pocket - one of the hardest places to patch! Oh well, at least it's usually covered by my shirt.

Glad that the baby doesn't seem to be growing too big. Keeping my fingers crossed that he stays a decent size!

Rachel H. said...

WOO HOO!!! A healthy, growing baby...perfect in size! Lucky you!! And bummer deal about your pants. I hate it when that happens!!!