Monday, September 14, 2009

We're back!

Man, that was a long week. I could have gone to the library and used their computers, but that would mean dragging kids and last week was just packed anyway.

Tuesday was our first Non-Stress Test. Baby did great, was nicely cooperative and gave us some good movements with nice heartrate accelerations. I was quite dehydrated though which showed up as a clenching, irritable uterus. Oops! Lots of water for me!

Wednesday we left town right after school to head over to Mom's for Zaylee's birthday party. Probably a crazy thing to do, but I wasn't going to miss my niece's birthday! She's grown so much since we saw her at Thanksgiving time last year, what a beautiful little lady she's turning into. It was nice to sit and chat with everybody but Morgan, who was at school. Mom sent me home with some garden goodness, and the boys were so excited about the pumpkins I got to pick. Steph and I got to compare baby bumps, and look at her latest ultrasound pics..... her little girl has Thomas's cheeks already. So adorable!

Thursday was therapy, Nathan did great as always. He's such a hard worker! And he's come such a long way since we started 2 years ago. Nobody knew what the problem was, just what it wasn't. And now we're just fine tuning his speech and even though he has an IEP (individualized education plan - for special needs students) at the school, it's just for speech therapy for the insurance and doesn't need to go to the resource room for special classes. They said he's far too smart for resource anyway and it wouldn't do him any good. Yay!

Friday was another NST in Boise, that one went well too. After chugging water for several days I was no longer dehydrated, and he was active without going crazy. We did a quick ultrasound to check his fluid levels, and they were great. That's my big worry, since William had a fluid issue, and I am very glad they are keeping such a close eye on everything. So reassuring. Afterwards I met Amanda at the local Costco for our big luncheon shopping trip. I had been craving their chicken bake from the food stand thing all week, and let me tell you, it was just as good as I was imagining it to be the whole time! I had made the fondant for the cake earlier in the week, but I actually baked the cakes for the luncheon Friday night. The secret to making a $0.89 cake mix taste almost like homemade but moister? Let it cool partly on a wire rack, pop it back in the pan and cover with foil. Let it sit overnight and decorate the next day. Yum!

Saturday was BUSY! Mark took off with the boys to town about 10 to see the Air Force Appreciation Day parade. It's a yearly huge event right here, since without the base, the town wouldn't be much. Carnival, booths, huge 90 minute parade, jet flyovers..... the works. He took all 3 boys by himself! And didn't get home until after 3! Turns out he took them down to the parade, then out to lunch for tacos since I wasn't there - I can't eat them - and then bought wrist bands for them all for the carnival and did all the kiddy rides with them. Special Daddy time....

Meanwhile, I frosted the cakes, got them all covered with the fondant, and stacked them. Did a cute button border - Steph will have to post a picture since I was having blood sugar issues and never did get a picture or even bring my camera to the luncheon. Amanda came over and we did the rest of the prep work on the food. Mark came home just as we were packing everything up to go over to the church and set up. So I got to see him for just a minute and then we were gone.

It was so much fun! Mom and all my sisters were there, the other mommy's-to-be, Amanda and her daughters, and about 8 sisters from the ward. We all got to chat and eat yummy food, and some sweet ladies even brought presents anyway. We all received some new books for the baby, a loaf of banana bread which didn't last long here at home, and some thoughtfully frozen burritos to stick in the freezer and pull out as a dinner option. I additionally got the neatest blanket, with slits stitched into it for the straps of the car seat to go through. So it sits in the bottom of the car seat and then after you buckle the baby up, you wrap him up in the blanket. It can't fall out, and doesn't interfere with the straps. Genius! The best gift though was getting to celebrate having a new baby with my good friends pregnant right along with me, and my family there to enjoy.

Mark is very brave. I got home at 6 ish, and he was getting the boys some dinner. Then he decided that Oren hadn't gotten to ride some of the bigger rides and since they both still had on their wristbands, he'd take Oren back to the carnival. So they went and played another 2 hours. Let's just say that Oren was tired the next day.... So was Mark. :-) What a guy to spend all that time with his kiddos.

I'm very glad to have internet back, I missed it. And missed getting to read what everybody is up to! We have another NST tomorrow, and then an ultrasound/doctor's appointment right after. Wonder how big he's gotten now? His kicks aren't so sweet anymore, they're downright painful most of the time. Just a few more weeks!

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Stephanie said...

So glad your internet is back up and running. I always enjoy reading about how things are going with you guys. Of course, it isn't as much fun as actually seeing you and talking to you! I'm happy that we were able to visit this week, it was great!