Friday, September 18, 2009

Another busy day!

It's been fun having NST's twice a week. Lots of trips to Boise! Today's test had a small ultrasound to check fluid levels too. They've dropped a bunch since Tuesday, but there's still plenty in there. Sometimes there are large pockets of fluid they can't measure because of the angle of the baby, or there's a big loop of cord right through it... so there may be more in there they just can't measure it. Either way, I'm not worried although they asked if I had noticed leaking. I'm ... um.... very well hydrated judging by all the trips to the bathroom lately!

Right after my NST I met Amanda at Costco again. This time we were stocking our own freezers. Sometimes it's cheaper at the commissary, but if you know the right cuts of meat you can get some good deals per pound. I came home with 20lbs of chicken breast, 6 1/2 lbs worth of pork roasts, 3 meals worth of very thick pork chops (I like the thick ones, because they stay tender and I don't need as many chops to satisfy Mark), and a 10lb log of ground beef that I divided into 8 packets. Whew! Of course, there was the large box of fudgesicles, low carb of course, and the granola that was cheaper per ounce than malt-o-meal cereal from Walmart. But those are just extra goodies. It feels good to have my freezer stocked with some basics for meals.

I've also started freezing meals for after baby. This was great after William, I loved the convienence. A couple casseroles and a batch of soup so far, but it's a start. It's so easy to do a double batch of something and freeze the extra, that it would be silly not to use the energy while I have it to cook. And with piano lessons in the evening I need to plan meals ahead of time in case it would be easier to crock pot - Tuesdays - or casserole, like Thursdays. I don't do this all the time, but it sure makes the last few weeks when I'm feeling brain dead and drained a lot easier.

And I've now got some very excited piano students. Some of them have picked out their Christmas Recital pieces! Since I'm taking off most of October, we'll only have about 6 weeks to get ready, so I want to introduce the songs before. Don't want to start cold when I come back in November! Everybody has so much fun with Christmas songs, nobody is complaining about choosing them early. :-)

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Rachel H. said...

So many things lately! I love stocking up at the warehouse stores always feels so nice!