Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oren's little adventure

I don't know whether he would call it an adventure or not, but it's sure been interesting!

Apperantly Oren has been having migraines this weekend. Not the plain headache kind where it just hurts really bad. The kind where his eyes and ears play tricks on him and he sees scary things spinning around and hears tornados, which understandably freaks him out and he literally is screaming in terror. Which kind of scares Mommy and Daddy.....

He had a headache Friday afternoon, but then Friday night had a fever too and did the whole screaming episode thing twice. Saturday morning was just a fever, but after his afternoon motrin kicked in he took a nap. When he woke up he had another huge screaming in terror episode, so we loaded up and took him to the ER. I don't normally take the kids there unless it's stitches or something, but I couldn't connect a migraine and possible vertigo or hallucinations, with a fever. We thought it better to be safe.

It took me a while to track down a sitter, because as luck would have it there was Relief Society general broadcast last night and all the mom's were gone. The one mom that I knew wouldn't be was the piano mom who just had her baby. Which meant that her daughter would not be needed to watch kids, so she may be home and could watch mine so I could be at the ER with Mark and Oren. Fortunately she was home and free to come immediately! And agreed to turn a blind eye to my kitchen - I had absolutely no clean dishes..... we'll just leave it at that. When we got home she told me how amazed she was at how well the boys went to bed. No fussing or getting out of the bed or anything. Just laid down and went to sleep, both of them! (I love how good they are at bedtime.... I usually need that cooperation by then and have been blessed with just what I need)

We are to look out for anything even more wierd: not able to walk straight, can't focus on us, seizure symptoms, or if the episodes are still happening by Monday. As well as temperature checks to see if it's fever induced. But he was able to come home last night! They are also doing a strep culture just to see if that's what is causing the fever, slight congestion, and irritated throat.

And I am so grateful to have a priesthood holder in our home. He had another episode at midnight after we got home that ended in a somewhat sobbing Mommy. It's hard when I can't just make something scary go away. He said it helped that I kept telling him "it isn't real, we're right here with you" over and over, and we just held him tight until it passed. Afterwards Mark was able to give him a blessing, and he fell right to sleep and slept the whole rest of the night. No fever this morning. I don't know how much he heard of his blessing, but I know that it helped! Mark slept on Oren's bed last night in case he woke up screaming again, and I promised to walk quickly and not run from our room. I don't think either of us slept well..... I guess we'll be taking a nap later today!


Melinda said...

That sounds so scary! I hope you're able to figure things out and that Oren feels better very soon.

Rachel H. said...

TOTALLY SCARY! I am glad you were able to get in to the E.R. Hoping you find the solution to these episodes soon!

Kathy said...

Oh, I hope Oren is doing better soon. It's always so hard when our little ones are suffering and we don't know quite how to help them.