Sunday, September 27, 2009


For one thing, Oren didn't run a fever all day. And just had a mild one this evening so we gave him a motrin just to be on the safe side for tonight. Bouncing around all day! Hopefully I'll be able to sleep without worrying if he's going to start screaming any minute. We're going to get him an eye exam and a doctor's appointment for a medicine adjustment. Hopefully that will help with possible eye strain and stress.

And I completely forgot to mention that we have an induction date! Unless something goes wrong with my numbers, his fluid levels, his heart rate.... or my water breaks or I go into labor before then - they will induce me on the 13th! That's 39 weeks, and officially would be the longest I'll have ever been pregnant. We are crossing our fingers he cooks in there until then, because Mark and I would love to take this baby home with us when I leave. So far so good, everything is looking fantastic. Internal checks start this week.... joy..... but I only have 2 more doctor's appointments until our induction date! He's almost here!

(Mark freaked a bit when his mom asked how many days just a second ago, and he figured out it was just 16 days left. Max. I think it's hitting him we'll actually have 4 kids in a couple weeks....)


Melinda said...

That's so exciting!!!

And makes me guilty; I finished your nursing cover last week and it's, uhmmm, sitting beside me here at the desk. office!

Kathy said...

I read on Melinda's blog that you have several towels to make - remind me of what you're having (boy?) and I'll make sure your little one has one!

RealSmurfette said...

That's wonderful you're having another baby. I hope all goes well and that you reach the 39 weeks so you can take the new little one home.