Friday, September 25, 2009


*shakes head*

I must have the most stubborn 2yr old ever! I took him down to the school yesterday for pictures, since they were squeezing in younger siblings when they could this year. I got there right as the ladies were supposed to be going on lunch but they were so sweet and agreed to try him really quick.

Over 5 minutes later, we still didn't have a picture! The Little Pill would stand there smiling all cute, but not at the camera. At the floor. Or at the lady helping him stand on the platform. When he looked up at the camera at all it was with his arm across his face! Or he'd get off and lay on the floor! I told the crew to go ahead with lunch, we'd wait a while and try before the kindergartener's time slot after their break. They thought he was adorable and were determined to get his picture so they agreed.

We sat and chatted in the classroom/studio with some of the volunteers whom I know about the boys and pregnancy, and all sorts of fun stuff for a good 1/2 hour. Then the ladies came back and we gave it another shot.

Holy cow! He wouldn't even stand up on the platform! We had to sit him on top of it instead! He refused to look at the camera, or the ladies, or even the talking Elmo they were using for an attention getter. He looked up once and put one hand over his mouth and the other over his eyes. At this point we are all laughing because it's too funny how stubborn this kid was being. I told them I don't even care if he's looking at the camera, because the last time we had his picture done he was looking at the lights and it turned out super cute anyway. Anything they could snap was fine with me at this point.

We finally got the shot though. I was crouched off to the side holding him still and figured I'd try tickling him. The photographer had perfect timing, because she caught him with his head at a great angle, and a huge laughing - real - smile on his face. He's looking off to the side, not at the camera, but I love how it turned out! Just in time too, because then the kindergarteners walked in for their slot. So I got to make sure Nathan's cowlick was staying down for his picture.

Thank you photo ladies for being more stubborn than my son and helping me get a great picture to send to Grandma this year and hang on my wall!

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