Monday, September 21, 2009

Easing up my schedule!

I had this sneaky feeling that I wouldn't be teaching piano lessons this week to the mom due on Saturday. I was right! She had her baby today! The very thoughtful other mom of my students called me this afternoon to let me know, so I wouldn't show up tomorrow to teach and there be nobody there. So my afternoons will be easing up somewhat now. Now I can work on getting the energy to clean my house before my own baby gets here! That's 2 whole evenings a week I didn't have before! I hope to find the time tomorrow to go visit her and bring her their baby towel.... crossing fingers.

We had to run to town today to get new stickers for the car, and get groceries, so I did my friend's daughter's piano lesson at her house today instead of mine. Bless her heart, she offered to feed us dinner and made sure it was stuff I could eat, and watched the boys while I ran to Walmart for the week's menu stuff I needed. I had a hard time making it through the store, it hurt, so I was so glad that I didn't have all 3 boys with me as well. I think Mark will have to come shopping with me from now on, I got back to the milk section to start and just going that far my back was killing me and ligaments were pulling in the front! Time to start paring down my errands now.

And we did a mini class with our doula on Saturday. Learning my pain coping techiniques, giving Mark a head's up on what a c-section would be like for me if I ended up with one despite our best efforts, and getting the car seat base installed. She's a licensed installer so we figured we may as well have it done right. I'm really glad I found her, and that Mark let me spend 6 months piano lesson money on hiring her. Already I feel much more prepared this time around, and confident about my ability to handle things. Even Mark is comfortable around her, he spent the whole class in his pajama/lounging pants! Somehow just knowing she'll be there with us takes a lot of stress off me. Which is a good thing right now.

Now I just have to get the bags packed for everybody, which I'm almost nervous to do. I had them ready right about now with Nathan and William, and had them 3 weeks early! Which would be next week! Of course, I had this many braxton hicks right about now with Oren and he was 2 weeks early, so we'll see how this goes. This weekend was fun...... ouch. But better to be prepared than trying to be frantically packing in pain, or relying on Mark to bring me what I need and stuff that fits. :-)

Sorry I keep posting baby/pregnancy stuff and updates. It's pretty much the only thing going on for us right now that every gets any new news with all the appointments I have and everything. The boys are doing well in school, and William is adjusting to his brother's being gone. Which basically means that I haven't gotten to go to the bathroom without him for a while now. He's sleeping well by himself in the nursery, and bedtimes are pretty smooth now with staggered bedtimes. Oren continues to amaze us with his reading ability, and Nathan has gotten a good behavior jelly bean every Friday! Hurray!

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