Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I can't really say "cleaning like a mad woman" because I actually was a mad woman this evening. Not nesting really, just the mess had ticked me off long enough and the boys wouldn't calm down this evening.

So I put them to work! Hey, I'm not the one who dumped all the dominoes on the living room floor, or threw clothes all over (okay, I did put William's pj's on the floor, but the socks weren't my fault), or rip papers or cut them in shreds and leave them everywhere. I sure didn't take the "hot rice sock" for sore muscles and open it all over the boys' room or dump all the train pieces and cars out all over the floor or shove pull-ups under the bed. (totally gross....)

I don't imagine they liked drill sergeant mommy this evening, and I didn't exactly enjoy it either. But they got their mess cleaned up! And I was nice enough to do the vacumming up of the rice for them, which only took me a good 30 minutes. (Ever try to vacumm rice? Doesn't work too well....) So now I hurt, and feel guilty for the enormous amount of yelling that I did, but their room had been bugging me for 3 weeks, and the living room for 3 days and I just couldn't take it anymore!

I'm not totally a bad mommy though. We went to the store to get my boppy pillow, and I let them pick out an ice cream treat for their after school snack. That was before all the yelling, but still.....

On a more pleasant note, school pictures are tomorrow, so Oren and Nathan got to visit the barber shop this afternoon! My, they are handsome young men! We couldn't get William in the chair, so I'll do him tomorrow, or at least gel it down for pictures. He's a bit of a fuzzball. Their school lets siblings do pictures too, which is very nice of them. So I'll get new pictures to hang on my wall, and grandmas will get new ones for their frames at Christmas time!

Now I'm off for a nice, long hot shower and then my bed. And hopefully a better mood tomorrow. :-)


Melinda said...

I'm glad you said all that! I was so frustrated with Evie yesterday when she deliberately dumped ALL the toy bins directly after we'd finished cleaning up the basement. I was a yelling mad-woman, too! (And the toys did get picked back up pretty quick.) Hope you get some awesome pictures!!

Michelle said...

Glad I'm not the only cranky-pants. My shower helped a lot, and so did a halfway decent night's sleep, thankfully. :-)

Nicia said...

Don't we all love those days!!