Thursday, August 20, 2009

Whee! Look at me!

I was so proud of myself today. Not wanting to be the wife that nags for 2 weeks "Are you going to put the blinds up?" when it was my idea to get them in the first place, I did it myself.

Which meant I had to stand on huge windowsill/windowseat, probably not smart, but oh well. I had to take down the old hardware from the set Oren broke and literally tore apart. I had to figure out the new hardware, predrill the holes, screw the bits in. And I did it! It looks good, too. If I do say so myself. Mark just thinks I'm funny. He's glad that I'm the type that can just do it myself for the most part, instead of bugging him to do things for me. I've never hung blinds before, and now I know I can. Which is good, because the boys room needs new ones too.

I even got the valance up in the window! I still need curtains, but that's why I did the blinds. So there would be something to cut the light and give privacy so I can get just the right curtain setup. But see, there are 2 windows in that room. And I'm sad to say, that the other is still totally uninspiring. After installing blinds and putting up the valance there was just no more energy left to drag a chair from the other room so I could reach the rod and hang the other valance up. Sad!

Maybe tomorrow? Maybe I'll even get the wall hangings up too. You never know!


Stephanie said...

Way to go! Hanging blinds seems like it would be a lot of work - I'd be the type to nag Jeff to do it, lol! But it's totally awesome, and so you to just dig in and get it done on your own. You rock. :-)

Michelle said...

Ha ha! Just realized I never mentioned that these were for the baby's room. And I did drag a chair in there this morning and hung the other valance, as well as the wall hangings. And if I didn't need the recliner in the living room, I'd have dragged it into the baby's room too!