Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shoshone Falls

We wanted to go "do something" as a family before school started. Mark pointed out that we've lived here for nearly 4 years and have never gone to see the Shoshone Falls! How did that happen? Not sure, but we rectified it today. The boys were sooooo excited, they've been asking all about the falls the last couple days.

We got there and it was a gorgeous view. The overlook is at the top of the falls, and I was very glad it had a fence so I didn't have to worry about the kids.

The boys were full of energy after being in the car for 1 1/2 hours straight. They were so cute running down the hill.

Just a really pretty part of the waterfall. I loved the green against the white rocks. This was zoomed in quite far, we were nowhere near this fall!

Another really pretty one. I loved the curve.

They had a wood/dirt "staircase" up to get the the canyon rim trail. It looked pretty steep.

But Mark and the boys figured they'd be adventurous and head up there for a look-see.

I forgot to inform them that I was going to attempt the climb too. That was a mistake! But here is a shot from the top proving that I got all the way up there. Not sure how, since I was wearing flipflops and it was kind of slippery. I did bring real shoes, but they were in the van.... which was locked and Mark had the keys. By the time I got up there Mark and the boys had disappeard. There were several different ways they could have gone and none of them looked like something I could hike. So I headed down. A very nice couple were headed down too, and the woman walked down with me, insisting on literally giving me her hand over the worst spots. Her daughter just had a baby, so she was used to helping very clumsy, heavily pregnant ladies. Just one of the angels I met today.

While I was waiting for Mark and the boys, and waiting, and waiting, it was getting very hot and I was very thirsty. There was water in the locked van and I couldn't get it. My sugar was also getting low, I had checked it nearly 2 hours before but hadn't figured on being there so long and hadn't eaten a snack like I should have. My snacks, like my water, were also locked in the van. Mark had been hiking with the boys for a good 30 minutes and I had no idea how long it would take them. But I was getting very shaky and not feeling well at all. So I walked over to the gift shop/ snack bar and asked the lady behind the counter if she knew how long the trail was. About 1 mile. Not too bad for a single person, but with 3 small children?

I started to tear up because I knew that if I went to go find them I'd be worse off, I had no money to buy something for my sugars or water since that was.... locked in the van..... and there were no drinking fountains at all. A gentleman overheard me explain that I was diabetic as well as pregnant, since the lady was asking if I was going to be alright. He insisted on escorting me to his car, where he then handed me a package of crackers, some cheese dip, and a ice cold bottle of water from his cooler. He was on his way to Boise and had plenty of snacks, he said, and just couldn't leave a pregnant lady without something to eat especially being diabetic too. I wanted to cry again at how thoughtful he was. I hope he was able to get to Boise safely! And once I ate some of the crackers and cheese and downed the entire bottle of water I felt so much better. So I was dehydrated as well as shaky.

15 minutes later Mark arrived back with 3 exhausted and thristy boys, and because the gentleman had taken care of my water needs, the boys were able to get enough to drink to last them until we got to Golden Corral for dinner. He hadn't realized how long the trail was, and was very grateful that the gentleman had taken care of me. There were truly angels around today!

After their long hike and big dinner, we had some very tired boys. Oren has only fallen asleep in the car a handful of times, so you know he's tired! That's the Bounty towels I forgot to bring in from the store the other day. Makes a great pillow.

Of course, since they slept the whole way home, it's 10:15 and they are in their room making all kinds of noise. It's going to be a long night!


Stephanie said...

So awesome there were people willing and able to help you out while you were there. Looks like you had a fun and adventurous trip!

Kathy said...

I took our kids to Shoshone Falls one time on the way to G & G Danes' house. So pretty! How scary about needing food and water and not being able to get in your car! I'm so glad you had sweet angels watching over you.

Rachel H. said...

What a fun last hoorah for the summer! And how blessed you are that there were so many angels to help you out! You must be living right! :)