Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Almost time for school!

School class lists came out today! And school starts on Monday. Wow. We're a little unsure about Oren's teacher. She was dealing with cancer (I believe, don't quote me on what exactly it was) the last couple years and was out a lot, leaving a sub. Problem is, Oren needs a consistent teacher because he tends to act out with subs. So we'll see how it goes and we'll switch him if it becomes a problem. Nathan is in afternoon kindergarten, which leaves us with the same schedule as we had last year. It'll work. But they are excited to start and were hoping it was this week instead of having to wait.

I had a total pregnant moment the other day. I was cooking a huge amount of ground beef because I had to thaw out the whole 5 lb roll, and forgot to drain it into a bowl. Instead it drained into the sink! So the next morning when neither sink was draining at all, I didn't even remember about the ground beef incident. Sure enough, when Mark took apart all the pipes to look for the clog, there is this huge plug of solidified grease sitting in the u-bend. Couldn't figure out what it was, for the life of me, until I was washing the pan I had cooked the beef in. Oops..... And of course, he couldn't get the seal back into the pipe as it went into the garbage disposal, so that was leaking and we had to call maintenance to come fix it. We didn't have the right tools. But at least they didn't have to unclog it and I had the use of one side of my sink instead of none!

Note to self: Always remember to drain the grease into a bowl!

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