Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School!

We made it! We survived the summer!

The boys started school on Monday. Well, Oren started school, but Nathan had a kindergarten orientation. Met the teacher, learned the classroom rules, toured the school, got to have some story time, and practice going in to the school and out to the kindergarten waiting area to meet parents. Today was his first official day.

You may notice that there is a bandaid under his right eye. That's to cover his stitches. Yep, poor kid had to start kindergarten with 2 stitches, courtesy of his loving older brother who thought it would be fun to drop trucks off the top bunk of the bed at 10:00 at night. So Sunday night Mark ended up taking Nathan down to the Urgent Care clinic for stitches. I didn't want it to scar, and it was too close to his eye for a bandaid. Plus, it wasn't a clean cut, but an indent wound. But we beat our record of longest time between ER visits! Last time was 6 months ago, Nathan needed stitches above his eyebrow thanks to the piano bench. I don't think Oren has ever had stitches, but this is Nathan's 3rd set on his face - 2 thanks to Oren. Poor guy! Plus his surgeries and all those stitches.

Needless to say, they lost bunkbed priveledges. 2 twin beds, how boring. And we had to move William into the baby's room in hopes of easier bedtimes. So far so good, he went to sleep fine tonight. Hope he won't decide the crib is funner to sleep in!

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Stephanie said...

Poor little guy! He takes it so well though, look at that happy face!