Friday, August 7, 2009

Go figure...

The first time the entire summer we have the van washed, and it rains!

We are very happy to have our van back, and plan on going to the Discovery Center tomorrow in it. It took until Thursday, because the pump they put in was defective and they had to get another one and redo the job. But it runs great now!

Nathan got some very happy news today. He's graduated to therapy 1 day a week! When we did the first surgery, he was up to 3 days a week, pretty intense stuff. Then we got to move down to 2 again. Now we're just sort of fine-tuning things, and his therapist told us today she feels comfortable moving him down to once a week. That eases my schedule a little bit, and we are so excited at the progress he has made. He won't need therapy for much longer. It's been a long 2 years of hard work but it's been worth every minute!

And I got the crib mattress today. After being paid for piano lessons, the boys and I ran down to the store and picked out a mattress. I was tempted by the one with a 15 year warranty, but since this is likely our last unless we get a suprise at some point, I went with the cheaper one. It was lighter, which makes nighttime blow-out sheet changes much easier. Now I can get all the bedding together, since we've already put up the crib! Getting close!

Close enough to start stressing a little about whether to pray for a scheduled induction or going into labor naturally, as far as babysitting goes. I'd rather not use pitocin, but there's not much of a head's up with natural labor. I have 1 solid babysitter who can take one of the boys to school, possibly would be willing to do both boys. And several "In case it's 3 am" people who have volunteered, for emergencies. A couple volunteers for William if I need, which is great. We live in a great ward....! So it's just a matter of firming the list of people to call, who's just backup and who's first call. Mark is going to start on the leave paperwork soon, and his leave will start when we have the baby. Because I'm full term in just over 7 weeks, and will have him sometime in that 2 week window between 37 and 39 weeks. (I'm kind of hoping on the 10th, cause that's my dad's birthday and that would just be fun...)

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Rachel H. said...

CANNOT WAIT to see nursery pics! How exciting!!!

Hooray for your lightened load as far as therapy goes. What a relief!!

And keep us posted about your baby date. :) It's always a tough call to decide!