Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Moan and Groan

Our poor van finally had something go wrong with it. We've had it nearly 4 delightful years of nothing but new brakes and tires, knocking on wood. But, we turned it on Sunday and took it to church with the loudest metallic moaning sound imaginable when we turned the steering wheel. I thought the thing was going to blow up!

We called my dad, who said it was the power steering, and sure enough our reservoir was practically empty. Must be a leak in the system. So we took it in 1st thing Monday morning.

I still don't have my van back! I know we've only been a 2-car family for 1 1/2 years, but my schedule wasn't so full then. That's why we got the second car. Plus, I'm sure Mark's little car groans when we all get in it. We can fit, but just barely, and William's the only one in a car seat because 3 seats don't fit.

It's the pwersteering pump apperantly. Completely bad, needs new seals too and everything. They gave us an estimate based on what we thought the problem was. When they called to let us know exactly what it would be, it was $200 higher than their max estimate. Now I'm groaning....

But, we are counting our blessings that it wasn't something major, the car was still driveable and I wasn't stranded on the side of the road on the way to Boise with all of the kids in 100 degree weather. And....... the one silver lining...... they are washing the outside and vacumming out the inside. For free! Which is great, because I never have time to wash the van, and as for vacumming...... yeah. :-)

Oh yeah, and we officially hired the doula on Monday. Our meeting went great! And when I read the part in the contract about what she'll do in labor out loud so Mark could hear, and came across the phrase "Massage the father's shoulders", his response was "Where do I sign?" We're so excited!

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Stephanie said...

Hmm, can she come rub my shoulders while she's at it? Just kidding, I'm sure I can get Jeff to do that later. :-) Hope that your van gets back to you soon and behaves itself now!