Monday, August 10, 2009

Finally some pictures!

Saturday morning I went to go let out a friend's dogs while she was on vacation. I got home to this!

William said the dishes were taking a bath. He had a blast helping Daddy fill the dish drainer, and despite the very wet floor under his stool, did a good job of it too!
Even cuter was when he said the dishes in the dishwasher were taking a shower..... :-)

Sunday we fed the missionaries, finally! There aren't often Sunday spots open, and because of Mark's schedule that's the only time we can feed them. I forgot they told me there would be 3 missionaries this time, so it's lucky I cooked a big chicken and lots of potatoes. I was planning on leftovers of both - there weren't any. I love just putting a whole chicken in the crock pot to cook. I tried to lift the bird out to carve it up, and the breast bone totally came away from the rest of the chicken! All the joints seperated super easy, it was the fastest carving job I have ever done. I even got Mark to vacumm the living room. He must have felt sorry for me watching me try to bend over to pick stuff up. It was pretty funny looking. I have to spread my feet way apart and squat down, and I usually end up grunting because it helps. I swear, it does.

Today we just hung out, and I griped about not feeling well. It got really cold and rainy on Thursday, and I got sick. Of course, I didn't think to check if I could take Sudafed for my poor sinuses until last night, so I went and got some this morning. Felt better fairly quickly, although I coughed my way through my entire phone conversation with Amanda. I never get sick, and when I do I'm miserable, Mark is very glad that I'm feeling a little better now.....

And tomorrow, I get to go to the "baby doctor". That's what Oren calls it. We'll see how big he's getting, make sure I'm not anemic, and then get a great big shot in my hip. Joy! I'll also talk to the doctor about doing a birth plan and submitting it. After this I go every 2 weeks. Yikes!


Nathan and Esther Manwaring said...

That is so cute. Way to go guys. I love when the dishes are done when I come home.

Ok so, I love reading your posts but come on, we have to see a picture of this growing belly. You don't have long until it won't be there anymore. Pictures please.

Rachel H. said...


And what a cute little helper! Good training!

Stephanie said...

Oh yay, the hip shot. I get to have that one in a few weeks.

William is such a cute helper! He looks like such a big boy standing there by his daddy putting away the dishes. Wow, I wish there was room in our kitchen for Jeff and Thomas to do that... ;-)