Monday, May 11, 2009


No idea what to title this.

Actually, no idea what to post at all!

Happy Mother's Day yesterday to all of you. Wouldn't it be nice if husbands were legally required to present you with flowers, goodies, and gift certificates for massages or tiny boxes with earings in them? Wouldn't it be awesome if children automatically behaved all day, did not hit or poke or punch or race and knock each other over or scream at the top of their lungs that they want food now? And wouldn't it be sweet if husbands took over all cleaning and cooking duties for the day?

Pity it doesn't work that way.... But I did recieve a very nice book at church. All the church art compiled into one book that will be nice for primary lessons or FHE. And a 10 minute nap while everyone was outside taking the training wheels off a bike we traded a crib for yesterday.

A chapel downtown was playing a game called "bigger and better" on Saturday. You start with a penny and trade it for something. Then you trade up for something better, and it goes on for 3 hours. Everybody meets at the end to vote who basically got the neatest stuff for a penny. A gentleman came by our street and Mark was spraying weeds, introduced what they were doing and asked if we had anything we would trade for a kids bike. Amanda bought me a new crib at the thrift store so I wouldn't have to worry about painting ours white to match the dresser we'll be using, so I have an extra crib. We kept the bike and they took the crib away. I would have had them haul off the 100 yr old piano in the garage, because it is gorgeous other than needing new insides (about $1500 which is why we just bought a different piano) but the thing literally weighs a ton and his truck had a camper cover on it, so it was too big.

At least Nathan has a bike big enough for him now! Oren got the "new one" and Nathan inherited Oren's. Which is a better one anyway, because the tires are solid rubber.

I think that's about it. I should be getting a call by Friday from the ultrasound people with the June schedule, and get my big ultrasound scheduled. I hope!


Rachel H. said...

I love that bigger and better game! How cool you got to participate! I love the object you gave away. Is gonna be hard to top that one!

Stephanie said...

A new bike, how fun! Someday when we have a house and more space we'll get bikes for Jeff and the kids. Zaylee will love that.

Sorry your Mother's Day wasn't perfectly ideal. Sounds like it was more like just another day. Oh well.